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  • About Me

    My research explores gaps in understanding and responding to ageism. A growing body of research documents that ageism is internalized from an early age with significant negative public health impacts across the lifespan. These include mental health challenges, cognitive decline, cardiovascular events, reduced likelihood of recovery from disability, and reduced longevity (see work by Becca Levy and colleagues). Yet, very little research has explored which interventions may be effective in reducing internalized ageism and promoting more positive health outcomes as people age. There is also a significant gap in research related to the intersectionality of ageism with other social justice issues.

    Therefore, my current research agenda involves two primary areas of focus:

    Research Aim 1 (quantitative focus): To test whether social programs (e.g., volunteering, intergenerational programming) and policies (federal or workplace age discrimination policies) may mitigate the negative impacts of internalized ageism on health.

    Research Aim 2 (qualitative focus): To explore the intersectionality of ageism with other social justice issues and phenomena, such as racialized ageism, ageist microaggresions in healthcare, and the impact of "positive" age stereotypes for older adults living with functional limitations, each in terms of their impact on well-being.

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