• Biographical Description

  • I am dedicated to examining the roles that public schools and community-based organizations play in shaping the life outcomes of adolescents of color from low-income neighborhoods. I conduct community-engaged research on policies that reduce institutional contributions to inequality and practices that help young people thrive in the context of racism and poverty. Through my teaching, I provide students with new frameworks for understanding social stratification, and innovative ways of approaching their practice with adolescents. In the area of service, my goals are to increase the capacity of the University of Denver (DU), Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW), and local partners to promote racial justice through equity-oriented and youth-led strategies.

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Yolanda (Yoli) Anyon CV

  • Current and Recent Projects

  • Evaluation of the restorative practices learning community in Denver

    This study considers whether schools' participation in a district-level learning community focused on restorative practices will lead to increased implementation of the approach.

  • Searching for solutions pilot project

    The goal of this pilot project is to use observations at 10 schools to develop a reliable and valid tool that easily captures and reports school-wide implementation of discipline, culture, and social-emotional learning practices.  The tool will be made available to practitioners to document their existing practices, identify strengths and gaps, and inform planning processes.  Data from the observations will also be used to study differences between schools with varying suspension rates and other school climate indicators.

  • Spotlight on success: Educational professionals' perspectives on effective school discipline.

    Drawing on interviews and focus groups with nearly 200 educators, administrators, and student support service providers, this study identified strategies and interventions used by 33 DPS schools to meet the district’s discipline goals. Research findings highlight schools’ successes and identify best practices that can be used, or studied, by those interested in reducing the use of exclusionary practices like suspension.

  • Taking restorative practices school-wide: Insights from three schools in Denver

    This research project was initiated by the Denver School Based Restorative Justice Partnership (DSBRJ), a collaboration between the youth and parent group, Padres y Jóvenes Unidos, the national racial justice organization, Advancement Project, Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA), Denver Public Schools (DPS), the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver (DU) and the National Education Association (NEA). This study documented the strategies used by three schools in Denver that have implemented multi-tiered restorative practices and identified models to share with others who are seeking to replicate, scale and sustain school-wide restorative justice programs.  Also see: http://denverrp.org/

  • Youth Engaged in Leadership and Learning at the Bridge Project
    megaphone with youth voice terms

    The aim of this study is to assess early adolescents' sociopolitical development and sense of social trust in the context of youth-led participatory action research projects.

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