Dean Saitta

  • Teaching Philosophy

    • I'm committed to the values of liberal and integrative learning. I have a substantial record of interdisciplinary and team-teaching across the arts and sciences, and within university outreach programs serving adult and K-12 learners. While I'm keen to attract students to major in anthropology (a genuinely holistic discipline that draws upon all the great domains of human knowledge), I'm equally satisfied to export, in an integrative way, anthropological and archaeological knowledge to places in the curriculum where it can enrich all students' understanding of the human condition and human history. A large part of this commitment lies in exploring the "borderland" fields that are currently developing in the interstices of the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. I try to bring a variety of pedagogies to bear on the subject at hand, with an overriding applied interest in showing its relevance for contemporary life and citizenship.
  • Courses I've Taught and Currently Teach

    • Ancient North America. Ancient Worlds. Anthropological Theory and Method. Archaeological Theory and Method. Archaeological Field School. Archaeology of Equality and Inequality. Context of Material Culture. Controversies in Anthropology. Culture and The City. The Cultured Ape. Ecology and Society in the Ancient Southwest. Ethics of Professional Practice. Human Nature. Human Origins and Evolution. Paranormal Archaeology. Monumental London. Museums and Public Culture. Public Anthropology. Race, Sex, and Evolution.

    • Archaeological Field School, Ramah NM, 1995
      Archaeological Field School, Ramah NM, 1995
    • Togeye Canyon Field Camp, 1995
      Togeye Canyon Field Camp, 1995
    • DU Journal (Winter 1996)
      DU Journal (Winter 1996)
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