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  • Perspective on Governance

  • I take very seriously the notion of the university as a community of scholars and learners.  For me involvement in university service and processes of shared governance is every bit as important as the other things we do as faculty. Governance is an applied scholarship to the extent that it requires us to bring disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge to bear on debates about academic programming, curriculum design, strategic planning, and other policy issues. Shared governance improves the climate for teaching and research by actively involving faculty in policy development and helping to cultivate leadership from within.  Shared governance is what positions the university to lead; anything less reduces it to a rather bad imitation of the corporate, hierarchical structures that already exist in society in more than adequate supply.

  • DU Faculty Forum Essays

  • Sex, Pedagogy, and Academic Freedom (Spring 2011)

  • Taking the Pulse of Shared Governance at DU (May 2010)

  • Introduction to "Perspectives on Inclusive Excellence" (October 2008)

  • The Politics of Professors (March 2008)

  • Theorizing and Practicing Inclusive Excellence (February 2008)

  • University Mission and Goals (November 2007)

  • Faculty Work and Academic Cultures (November 2007)

  • Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work (March 2007)

  • Governor Owens in the Fold (January 2007)

  • The University and The City (November 2006)

  • Churchill Redux (October 2006)

  • Academic Quality (January 2006)

  • Academic Freedom (March 2005)

  • Corporate and Academic Values (April 2004)

  • University Governance (October 2003)

  • The Public Good and Institutional Identity (November 2002)

  • DU Faculty Senate

  • Faculty Senate Webpage
  • Faculty Senate Statement on Academic Values, Rights, and Responsibilities (February 2004)

  • Source article about Academic Rights Statement (April 2004)

  • Faculty Senate Annual Report, 2006-07

  • Faculty Senate Annual Report, 2007-08

  • Reflections on My Term as President (May 2008)

  • 2014 William S. Tacey Award (National AAUP)

  • In May 2014 I was honored to receive the National AAUP's William S. Tacey Award. The Award Letter is below.

  • Tacey Award Letter
    Tacey Award Letter
  • DU AAUP Chapter

  • I created and currently manage the "AAUP at DU" Portfolio Community located at   The site contains policy documents, articles, web links, and background material on active cases related to faculty governance and academic freedom.  Much of the policy material is provided courtesy of the National AAUP

  • Columns

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