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    • In spring 2006 I was identified by the conservative culture warrior David Horowitz as one of America's "101 Most Dangerous Professors."  His book entry about me was extracted from a longer profile that appears on his website "Discover the Networks: A Guide to the Political Left."  My "Dangerous 101" blurb was slightly revised for the 2007 paperback edition of the book.  Although David bristles whenever any of his subjects complain about the inaccuracies and distortions in these profiles, they really are...well, inaccurate and distorted.  

      This page is dedicated to stories and interviews related to that 15 minutes of fame.  I like to believe that at least some of the fuss was provoked by my efforts to challenge Mr. Horowitz's crusade to have state legislatures (especially Colorado's) put political and economic pressure on universities to correct what he perceives to be pervasive liberal bias in the classroom.  And, to his insistence that any classroom pedagogy that differs from his own (though he has never taught) is a betrayal of academic standards.  Mr. Horowitz's so-called "academic freedom" campaign is unrelenting, but it's also proving to be misguided, contradictory, and damaging to the reputations and careers of honest scholars and teachers.

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      The Professors
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