• Graduate Degree Options for INTS Majors!

    • We offer two exciting pathways for qualified INTS majors to pursue a graduate degree at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies upon completion of their Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies at DU: The Priority MA Admission option and the Dual Degree BA/MA Program in INTS.

      Interested students will determine which option is most suitable on the basis of their unique situation, overall objectives, and academic timeline. Please see the comparison chart and sub-sections below, for more details regarding each option.


  • I'm Interested, Where Should I Start?

    • Students who are interested in pursuing either the Dual Degree BA/MA Option or the Priority MA Option should make an appointment with Tara Boyle to discuss the programs. Additional information on making an appointment with Tara can be found on the Academic Advising tab.

  • Priority MA Admission Option

    • The Priority Admission Option allows qualified majors who earn their BA in INTS at DU the opportunity to enroll in a traditional MA degree program at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies within one year of having the BA degree conferred.

      This is available to all current and formally declared INTS majors at the University of Denver that meet eligibility requirements, which are listed in the above document.

  • Dual Degree BA/MA Program

    • Available to current and formally declared INTS majors at the University of Denver that are on a traditional four-year, undergraduate timeline, have submitted an informal application by December 1st of their sophomore year (i.e. year 2 of 4), and meet eligibility requirements.

      Note: If you have an issue with one of the Adobe Fillable Forms, try updating your version of Adobe Reader. You can do this by going to Help -> Check for Updates.

    • This document covers the description, requirements, and policies of the INTS BA/MA Dual Degree Program.

    • Students who wish to take advantage of the INTS Dual Degree BA/MA Program will need to complete this informal application by December 1st of their sophomore year.

    • This planning sheet will help you and your academic advisor ensure you stay on track to complete the Dual Degree Program.

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