• Academic Advising Information

  • International Studies and Public Policy Advising Roadmap (Winter 2019)

  • The above INTS/PPOL Roadmap provides updated information on office hours and the services that each advisor can provide. The Korbel BA Program Staff are located in the Sie Complex, Suite 2030. Our suite is located on the second floor of the new Sie building. 

    To set up an advising appointment, students are encouraged to send an email stating the purpose of the requested meeting, and should include the dates and times they are available to meet. The advisor will then set-up an appointment based on availability and will respond as quickly as possible. 

  • Spring Quarter 2019 Academic Advising Period

    Each quarter, the Korbel BA Program Advising Team conducts advising meetings for all Korbel BA Program students during the three week advising period prior to registration. The purpose of this advising period is to ensure students are well prepared to register for classes for the following quarter and to delete registration pins. During that time, academic advising appointments are made through the online scheduling system (SARS). Due to the heavy volume of advising appointments during this time, we are unable to accept emailed appointment requests.

    GROUP ADVISING SESSIONS (30 minutes, for those who have not yet completed 1500, 1700, and 2975) – Space is limited, so you must use this link to register link to secure your spot:


      • Session 1 - Tuesday, January 28th, 1:00pm - 1:30[m, Location: Sie 3015
      • Session 2 - Monday, February 3rd, 10:00am - 10:30am, Location: Sie 2115
      • Session 3 - Wednesday, February 12th, 4:00pm - 4:30pm, Location: Sie 2015
      • Session 4 - Friday, February 20th, 9:30am - 10:00am, Location: Sie 1020


    INDIVIDUAL ADVISING SESSIONS (For those who have completed all three core courses) 

    1. You can find out exactly who you need to meet with by taking one of the very short surveys below:

    International Studies Major Survey

    Public Policy Major Survey

    1. After taking the survey you will be directed to the online appointment scheduler or asked to email your adviser directly. If you need to access the individual appointment scheduler, you can access it here: Individual Advising Scheduler


    1. If you are confident you understand your Major requirements and do not have any questions for an adviser (and are NOT a Freshman), you may sign the PIN Deletion Waiver form located at the front desk of our office (Sie Complex, suite 2010). PINS will be deleted once per day and we maintain the right to require any student to meet with us in person. It is your responsibility to make sure your PIN is deleted before registration is open so please plan ahead. **Please note, by signing this form you are taking full responsibility for your schedule and requirements, and this option may not be selected more than 2 quarters in a row **
  • University of Denver Academic Advising

  • DU Academic Advising

    The Korbel BA Program Academic Advisors provide support for questions specific to the International Studies and Public Policy Majors. For any of the below issues, you will want to contact DU's Academic Advising:

    • Major/minor exploration
    • Graduation planning
    • Time management strategies
    • Organizational strategies
    • Developing educational/career goals
    • Evaluating academic progress
    • Identifying campus resources
    • Study strategies
    • Applying for law school
    • Understanding academic policy
    • Taking a leave or medical leave of absence
    • Petitioning for an academic exception to policy

    Information on how to contact them, including appointments and walk-in hours, can be found on their website.

  • Advising Documents

  • The Korbel BA Program Academic Advisors use the below forms to keep track of your degree progress in our office. We have made them avaliable to you to help you stay on top of your degree requirements. If you have any questions about the planning sheet, please reach out to us at baints@du.edu.

    The powerpoint below details the requirements for completing a BA in either INTS or PPOL. For more specific questions, please reach out to us. 

    Orientation PP 2019 7.17.19.pptx

    Note: If you have an issue with one of the Adobe Fillable Forms, try updating your version of Adobe Reader. You can do this by going to Help -> Check for Updates.

  • INTS Planning Sheet 2019-2020

    The INTS Planning Sheet provides a means to visualize the International Studies major requirements for students as they progress through the degree program.

  • PPOL Planning Sheet 2019-2020

    The PPOL Planning Sheet provides a means to visualize the Public Policy major requirements for students as they progress through the degree program.

  • Dual Degree Program Planning Sheet - 2018-2019

    This is a planning sheet for the Dual Degree (4+1, BA/MA) Program. Additional information on the Dual Degree Program is found on the Graduate Program Opportunities tab.

  • Declare INTS/PPOL Major

  • Declaration of Major Form

    To declare INTS as your major, please print out this form, fill it out, and then make an appointment with one of our academic advisors. The academic advisor must sign the form and then you must submit the form to the registrar to complete the process.

    The academic advisor will also sit down with you to ensure you understand the degree requirements and how they relate to your current academic progress.

  • Concurrent Degree Programs

    If you are planning on pursing a major in the Bachelor of Arts and a major within another Bachelor Program (eg. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration), you will likely need to complete a concurrent bachelor's degree program.

    Please see the registrars page on concurrent bachelor's degrees for up to date information on the requirements.

    Please note that those wishing to pursue a concurrent degree must use the concurrent degree form, rather than a declaration of major form.

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