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  • Why Study Abroad?

  • Study abroad provides valuable insight into the theories and processes you study in the classroom. Living in another country and experiencing a culture different from your own adds an essential element to an international education that a student cannot obtain simply by staying at home. As a student abroad, you will learn to function within a new set of social rules and values, hopefully achieve cultural competencies, as well as proficiency in a foreign language, and return with an enhanced perspective of the world and your place in it. Students are often surprised by the insight they gain about U.S. culture and how it is perceived abroad. Your self-confidence will grow, as well as your ability to adapt to new situations, an asset you can market to future employers. Furthermore, if you are intent on an international career, meaningful cross-cultural experiences, beyond vacation travel, are vital.

  • Requirement for INTS Majors

  • To fulfill the INTS major study abroad requirement, students must successfully study abroad, through an approved academic program. They will need to bring credits back to DU (not necessarily INTS credit) to meet the major requirement. To be considered successful, courses need to be passed with a grade of C- or better to meet the INTS study abroad requirement.

    The Office of International Education oversees study abroad at the University of Denver and offers several ways to fulfil the study abroad requirement. Those options include DU Partner Programs, Unaffiliated Programs, and International Interterm Courses.

  • INTS Course Approval and Transfer of Credits

    Students are limited to transferring and applying a maximum of 13.5-quarter credit hours toward the INTS major (18 quarter credits if studying abroad for a full year, 4.5 quarter credit hours for the INTS minor). Courses must be pre-approved by the BA Program Office prior to the start of the program, via the online approval portal. Please be aware that study abroad courses approved to be applied to the INTS major or minor will be counted as INTS elective credit only (not as INTS course equivalents), and do not count toward your selected specialization area(s). Moreover, study abroad courses that replicate INTS coursework or content already completed by a student at DU, are ineligible to be applied to the INTS major regardless of whether such courses have been pre-approved by the INTS department; it is the student’s responsibility to avoid seeking approval for a course that is similar to one they have already completed at DU. Approved study abroad courses must be completed with a grade of “C-” or better in order to be eligible to be applied toward the INTS major/minor.

  • Important Resources

  • DU Study Abroad Handbook (2022 - 2023): This covers practically any question you may have about study abroad, from program selection to finances and travel arrangements to returning home!

    Office of International Education: Find key deadlines, events, and contact information for study abroad advisors. 

    INTS Study Abroad Requirement (2022 - 2023): This document gives a in-depth look at study abroad requirements for INTS Majors and Minors. It also includes information on the DU Partner Program, Unaffiliated Programs, INTS Course Approval, and Transfer of Credits.


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