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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I find the BA Program Staff?

    The Korbel BA Program Staff are located in the SIE Complex, Suite 2030. That suite is located on the second floor of the new building. If you are having difficulty finding the office, please see the below question, as it includes a map of the complex.

    We have a front desk that is usually staffed by a Korbel student. If there is no one at the front desk, please ring the bell at the front desk.

  • Sie Complex Quick Guide-Building Reference

    This is a quick overview of the numbering on the Sie Complex rooms. The new side of the building has numbers with "0" as the second number. The old side of the building has numbers with a "1" as the second number.

    For example, the BA Program Office is located in Sie 2030. Since the second number is a "0", we are located on the second floor on the new side of the building.

  • What are the INTS Pre-Requisites?

    For INTS 1500 and INTS 1700, there are no pre-requesites.

    For INTS 2975, the pre-requesites are INTS 1500 and INTS 1700.

    For 2000-level INTS classes, there are no pre-requesites. 

    For 3000-level INTS classes, the pre-requesites are INTS 1500 and INTS 1700.

    Some classes, such as International Monetary Relations, will have their own pre-requsites. Those pre-requesites will be listed in the course schedule and description, which you can find on the Course Schedules & Descriptions tab of this portfolio.

  • Is there a better way to manage citations?

    Yes, you should download Zotero.

    Zotero allows you to save citations directly from the browser, manage them within Zotero, and then create citations and bibliographies directly in Microsoft Word.

  • How can I make the most of my time at DU and Korbel?

    The short answer is to seek out and take advantage of every personal, academic, and professional opportunity that you can find. College is not just about going to and passing classes (that's still really important though...), both DU and Korbel offer hundreds of opportunities to help you grow into the person that you want to be. 

    Korbel offers dozens of lectures, discussions, panels, and seminars each quarter. You can keep up with these events on the Josef Korbel School of International Studies Event Calendar.

    Check out the DU Pioneers sports page and look into going to a hockey or baseketball game. Or look into the Richie Center's page for information on club sports, intermural sports, and Alpine Club (current trip list).

    On the academic side, do not forget that you have so many resources here to help you succeed, but you must put the work into that success. That means taking the time and effort to go to the writing center in Anderson Academic Commons. Or going to the DU Career Center in Driscoll to start thinking about careers, resumes, and interviews. You can also sit down with our Internship Coordinator to discover internship opportunities. 

    On the personal finance side, no one cares more about your money than you. So it is in your own best interest to understand personal finance. It is a skill that will provide lasting benefits in your life. Learning about personal finance is not difficult, it just takes some time to get familiar with the language and concepts. We recommend that you start reading a little bit about personal finance each day. A good resource for personal finance topics is the reddit personal finance wiki, and the bogleheads wiki.

  • I need help with career planning!

    We have many career planning resources available for students. Below you will find a recommended timeline for your career planning at DU.

    Freshman Year:
    • Explore major and careers
    1. Discover the career resources available both in the BA Program in INTS and in the DU Career and Internship Center
    2. Explore student organizations
    3. Conduct “informational interviews” with academic departments
    4. Select professionally oriented summer jobs and internships


    Sophomore Year:
    • Select major
    • Develop tentative goals
    1. Investigate study abroad options with the Office of International Education
    2. Visit Pioneer Careers Online (PCO) and explore the available opportunities list in the University Career Action Network
    3. Sign up for and attend career fairs & professional development workshops through PCO
    4. Create a general resume and cover letter with the DU Career Center
    5. Familiarize yourself with other, online career resources like LinkedIn and


    Junior Year:
    • Test career goals
    1. Update resume and cover letter to target specific professional areas at the DU Career Center
    2. Undertake an internship over the summer or during the academic year
    3. Meet with Korbel BA Program Internship Coordinator to discuss credit possibilities for internship, practice mock interviews, and/or receive helpful guidance
    4. Develop your job search strategy with the DU Career Center
    5. Use job sites like to start exploring career paths. By looking at actual job descriptions, you gain a better understanding of what employeers need in a new employee.
    6. Attend more career fairs and professional development workshops (Sign up through PCO)


    Senior Year:
    • Self-marketing and researching employers
    1. Begin your job search early in the year
    2. Use DU Careers Online and other online resources provided by the Korbel BA Program Internship Coordinator and DU Career Center
    3. Register for on-campus recruiting
    4. Attend DU Professional Development Workshops
    5. Attend all career fairs
    6. Network and develop contacts


  • I have a suggestion or question, who should I contact?

    To submit suggestions or for additional program information on the International Studies or Public Policy majors at the Korbel School, please contact our Undergraduate Program email at

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