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  • Welcome to the Korbel BA Program!

  • Josef Korbel School of International Studies
  • From controlling weapons of mass destruction to arresting the spread infectious diseases, from finding solutions to climate change to managing borderless trade and investment, modern issues require international cooperation and collective solutions.  The world in the 21st century is truly globalized. Both the sheer volume and the speed of trans-border movement of people, products and data mean that no country or individual exists as an island isolated from international trends and challenges.  The interdependence of nations, and of people, is a fact of life.

    The BA Program in International Studies offers undergraduate students at the University of Denver critical knowledge and skills for succeeding in a world that has gone global. Whether your interests lie in business, law, environmental studies, social work, political science, or information technology, every student today needs to adapt to global issues, to grasp how the world works, and to have an international approach to their professional development.  The International Studies curriculum encourages students to learn about international events that directly affect their lives, and it gives them a foundation to enable their success in a rapidly changing world.

  • JKSIS Undergraduate Brochure

    JKSIS BA Programs Flyer

  • What can I find on this site?

  • This portfolio site serves as a dynamic resource for the Josef Korbel BA Programs. By navigating through the above tabs, you can everything you need to know on the International Studies and Public Policy majors at Korbel.

  • Program Information Tab

    The Program Information tab is the best place to find specific requirements on the International Studies and Public Policy majors. That includes the overall program handbook, and major and minor, study abroad, and foreign language requirements. 

  • Academic Advising Tab

    The Academic Advising tab includes information on who, what, where, when, and why you should contact a International Studies or Public Policy academic advisor.

  • Course Schedules & Descriptions Tab

    If you are looking for information on prior and current courses taught at the Josef Korbel School, check out the Course Schedules and Descriptions tab.

  • Departmental Distinction Tab

    If you are looking to go above and beyond in your studies, the Departmental Distinction tab will give you information on how to join and complete the Departmental Distinction Program.

  • Graduate Program Opportunities Tab

    Students who are interested in continuing their studies can check the Graduate Program Opportunities tab for more information on the BA/MA Dual Degree Program and the Priority MA Admissions Option for International Studies Students.

  • Helpful Links & FAQ Tab

    Lastly, the Helpful Links & FAQ tab seeks to provide additional resources for International Studies and Public Policy students at the University of Denver.

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