• Concert Attire

  • Concert Attire (Until formal attire begins May 2018)


    • Black long-sleeved dress, or long-sleeved blouse with full-length skirt or dress slacks.  (no prints, patterns or colored trim)
    • Long sleeve black dresses are preferable; elbow length sleeves are acceptable, as are below-the-knee dresses or skirts.
    • Solid black hose covering the entire visible leg and foot; no patterned hose
    • Solid black shoes
    • Modest jewelry



    • Black suit (not navy, gray or charcoal)
    • White pressed shirt, no pinstripe, patterned or colored collar
    • Black tie – regular, solid ties only (no bolo or bow ties)
    • Solid black shoes and socks
    • Minimal jewelry


    Also, please refrain from wearing any cologne, perfume, after shave lotions or any other strong lotions due to possibly allergies among the members.

    If you are a smoker, it is requested that you refrain from smoking prior to a concert and during intermissions.  The residual smoke is disruptive to the singing voices of many Choir members.

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