• Current Members

  • Alan Weisgerber (Chemistry Graduate Student: 2015 - current)

    Anarkali Mahmood (Chemistry Graduate Student: 2016 - current)

    Broderick Bills (Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Student 2017-current)


    Please contact me if you are interested in joining the lab! 

  • Past Members

  • Graduate Students

    Joshua Black, Ph.D. (2013) - currently working at Denver Health

    Philip Cheney, Ph.D. (2014) - currently working at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center

    Aml Alnaas, Ph.D. (2016) - currently working in the Knight Lab in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Colorado Denver.

    Carrie Moon, Ph.D. (2017) - currently working at Colorado College

    Yuheng "Henry" Cai, M.S. (2015) 

    Halima Assoudani, M.A. (2013)


  • Undergraduate Students

    Alec Feuerbach, Edwing Chaparro-Chavez, Michael Stachler, Mitchell Alton, Rebecca Dillon, Kathryn Palma Wall, Travis Campbell, Johan Pauley, Michael Guida, Kenneth Lynch, Emily Kryzanowski, Melissa Murray, David Wideman, Ian Roche, Meseret Hailu, Holly Appleberry, Megan Zapel.



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