• Food Chemistry - FSEM 1111

  • This course was taught for the first time in Fall 2008.  We discussed food molecules, genetically modified food, the banning of trans-fats and other current, controvercial topics in food science.

    In Fall 2013 we moved our class into the Joy Burns Center where we will have use of the student kitchen. This is a new partnership with the Daniels College of Business at DU. It is exciting to be able to do kitchen chemistry experiments!

  • Physical Chemistry 3: Spectroscopy and Kinetics

  • Course taught 2017 - current: All course documents are available on Canvas.

  • Biochemistry Lecture: Nucleic Acids

  • All course documents are available on Blackboard. This course was taught 2010 - 2015.

  • Biochemistry Laboratory CHEM 3820

  • In this course, Biochemistry and Chemistry majors purify fluorescent proteins using affinity protein purification techniques. Standard techniques are taught (SDS-PAGE, protein concentration assays, recombinant protein purification) as well as biophysical assays involving protein unfolding and fluorescence spectroscopy. The lab culminates with a 4 week long guided inquiry project on fluorescent proteins where students present their results at either a poster session or a seminar. All course documents and pre-lab lectures are on Blackboard.

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