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  • Khan Academy

  • This is an excellent resource with an easy navigation menu.  The website has short videos that explain the main concepts of the topics listed below.

    Many topics have interactive exercises.  See for example, derivative intuition

    There are iphone and android apps for the Khan Academy

  • Common Misconceptions

  • Top Algebra Errors Made by Calculus Students

    This site was created by Thomas Scofield of Calvin College.

  • The most common errors in undergraduate mathematics

    Created by Eric Schechter at Vanderbilt University.

  • Math Tutor List

  • The Math Department keeps an updated list of individuals who have requested to be listed as private tutors for mathematics courses. These individuals are not necessarily endorsed by the department; their rates, availability, and experience vary.

    Both the Department of Mathematics and Math Center staff members can print and/or email a current copy of the tutor list upon request.

    If you wish to be added to the Tutor List, contact Liane Beights at 

  • Documents

  • Websites that help with learning math

  • Stewart Calculus: Tools for Enriching Calculus

    The interactive applets in this website follow all of the MATH 1951, 1952, and 1953 chapters. Some are really helpful and are used in classes by instructors.

  • Wolfram Demonstrations Project

    These Mathematica- or Wolfram CDF-based interactive pages cover all sorts of mathematical topics from function values to limits to derivatives, integrals, important theorems, sequences, series, polar coordinates, multivariable calculus, graph theory, and more. These only require a Wolfram CDF player plugin to work directly in your browser or once saved to your computer. It's a free download on the site. 

    You can search for a keyword or look by topic. There are also a lot of science demonstrations.

    DU currently has a Mathematica site license; contact UTS for an install to play with this powerful software tool.

  • Wolfram Alpha

    A Mathematica engine on the web that can do algebra and some calculus, compute values, make graphs, pull up statistics, and more. With the Wolfram CDF browser plugin, you can interact with these graphs a good deal. To do things beyond "get an answer" you need additional downloads to your machine which include creating a Wolfram ID (a simple email process) and are covered by installing Mathematica (possibly by doing less than that, but I am not positive). This small amount of clicking and downloading might be worth it for a visual learner or someone who likes to check their work.

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