Conrad Kehn

Conrad Kehn

Classical Music for Rock Stars

Classical Music for Rock Stars

  • Current

    • Playground Ensemble

      The Playground Ensemble, made up of faculty and alumni from DU’s Lamont School of Music, is a force for new music in the Rocky Mountain region. We are a group of professional musicians and composers dedicated to presenting classical music as a living art form. Check our web site for details.


    • Vox

      As a vocalist, Conrad specializes in improvisation, contemporary music, and the use of electronics. Improvisatory collaborations include Wu Fei, Tatsuya Nakatani, James Ilgenfritz, Brandon Vaccaro, and Nate Wooley. Recent concert hall performances include Bolcom’s Satires, Ligeti’s Nonsense Madrigals, Morton Feldman’s O’Hara Songs, and George Crumb’s Songs, Drones, and Refrains of Death.

      Conrad has performed with a variety of acts including the improv ensembles Mystery Children and Rhythmic Void, multimedia ensemble itchy-O and the itchy-O Marching Band, defunct rock bands Kallisti and Skull Flux, and of course The Playground.

    • Approval Seekers

      Approval Seekers is a duo featuring Oakland-based composer/ performer Mark Clifford and Denver-based composer/ performer Conrad Kehn. The duo performs a series of compositions for acoustic and digitally manipulated piano and vibraphone.


    • Rhythmic Void

      Rhythmic Void- Ambient Experimental Jazz; a trio; powerful words that mean nothing. Ideas are criminal. We're getting old (as we speak; we play). Ideas are suspect; moans…squeaks…….collisions………farts………craziness…… Ideas are void. Welcome to the club. Malcolm Lynn Baker- saxes and stuff. Alan Joseph- guitars and other stuff. Conrad Kehn- vox and stuff.

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    • ISIM 2008
  • Past

    • Skull Flux was formed in 1992 by Jesse Woods and Conrad Kehn. They added David Hesker (drums) and Greg Stretton (guitars) and started gigging in Denver. In 1993 they released a 4 song cassette (remember those?) called Mother’s Favorite.  Sometime after that Jesse quit and was replaced on bass by Steve Millin. In 1996 they released their first (and only) album, Ophelia, to much local and little national acclaim.  At some point the track 3-peat was included on the Dim View of the Future a compilation on the Triple X/ Hollow’s Hill Imprint. Skull Flux was in the process of recording a second album when they disbanded in 1999.

    • Skull Flux
    • Skullflux on Myspace
    • MysteryChildren cutup by Conrad Kehn
      MysteryChildren cutup by Conrad Kehn

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