Conrad Kehn

Conrad Kehn

Classical Music for Rock Stars

Classical Music for Rock Stars

  • Compositions

    • Commissioning Rates:

      Negotiable depening on length of piece and instrumentation. I start around $30 per instrument per minute but am willing to listen to your ideas. If you can guarantee more than 1 performance I am always willing to negotiate.


      For Scores and Parts:

      Contact me directly. Discounts given if I can email you pdf's instead of printing/ binding/ mailing parts and scores.

      Contact me at or call 720-641-2414.

      Film Scores, Video Collaboration, Commercials

      I love multimedia collaboration. Some of my own works can be found below. Check the Video page for specific film scores and commercials.

    • Chamber/ Vocal/ Solo

    • Disregarded Entity (2015) for solo piano

      Commissioned by Kimberly Graham and Layer Cake Creative.

    • Language of the Unheard (2015)- flute, clarinet, violin, cello and electronics

      Commissioned by The Playground for the 2015 Biennial of The Americas.


    • Evolution (Looking for God) (2014)- voice and laptop w/ optional mixed ensemble

    • Puis qu'en oubli/ The Ones That Went Wrong (2014)- voice/ laptop

    • 9+-1 (2013)- for guitar ensemble. Commissioned by Twinkle Together LLC

      Contact me for scores and parts.

    • How Does This Keep Happening (2013)- for solo violin

    • Wound (2013) - for Violin/ Singer- 1 Player. Commissioned and performed by Susan Jensen.

      Click here for video.

    • Mirror, Mirror (2012)- for Harp and Viola. Commissioned by Duo Espirit

      Commissioned by Duo Espirit. Contact me for scores and recordings.

    • 1 in 8 (2012)- for Soprano and Piano. Colorado State Music Teachers Commission 2012

    • Young Person's Guide to Modern Chamber Music (2011)-mixed chamber ensemble. Commissioned by

      Click here for video.

    • Let's Try That Next Time (2011)- Vln, cl, sax, pno, bass, drums, vibes

      Click here for video.

    • Bedtime Stories (2010)- Soprano and cello

    • Elegy (2008)- Piano Trio

    • For Opa (2006)- Song cycle for Baritone and Piano

      Song cycle based on German sayings of my grandfather. Contact me for scores and recordings

    • Distractions (2004)- graphic notation score for narrator, percussion and 4 unspecified instruments.

    • Maximinimal (2004)- for accordion, pre-recorded electronics and optional video

    • Red Wine and Ashes (2001)- 5 movement graphic cycle for unspecified instrumentation.

      See video to the right.

    • Leftovers (2000)- for solo piano

      Contact me for scores and recordings

    • I/O (1999)- for electronic drone, 5 percussionists and video

    • Custom Realization (1999)- 5 graphic movements for solo percussion

    • Film Scores

    • Bowl of Lives- Arched brow Productions

    • Divided Into 1- Flying Dragon Films

    • Hannah House- full-length feature by Monkey Angel Studios

    • Large Ensemble

    • Concerto Gross #1: Playgrosso (2012)

    • Mentorem Slim Docksey Remix (2011)- for Wind Ensemble and Electronics

    • 4square (1999)- for jazz big band with string section

    • Choral

    • The Rat and the Guinea Pig (2010)- for children's choir

      Commissioned by Inspire Creative. Never premiered. Contact me for music.

    • Prayer of Humble Access (2006)- for Baritone solo and choir.

      Contact me for scores and recordings.

  • Songs

    • I've spent most of my life writing songs in various bands and solo.


  • Soundpainting

    • I am an experienced soundpainter and love this form of music making.


  • Graphic Scores

    • Graphic Scores can be found on my 'Words & Art' page.

      Lots more video available at my YouTube channel.

    • Gunshot from Red Wine and Ash

      Gunshot from Red Wine and Ash (2001)- This is the third movement of a 5 movement cycle of graphic works- Red Wine and Ash. Below is a slide show of all 5 movements. Also there is a folder of performance materials (printable scores and back ground audio) if you would like to make a studio or live realization.

  • Arrangements

    • Canon for Three Equal Instruments- Elliott Carter

    • Puis qu'en oubli- Guillaume de Machaut

    • John Cage's Imaginary Landscapes

      I designed a computer generated template to recreate John Cage's Imaginary Landscapes using a variety of combinations from my own record collection:

      • Spoken Word
      • Classical Music
      • Heavy Metal
      • Sound Fx
      • and Multiple Combinations of my entire collection


    • Dido's Lament- Henry Purcell

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