• Biology Schedule (MST): Winter 2022

  • We are remote for the first two weeks (see zoom room below), but will resume face-to-face on Jan 17.

  • Get help remotely through Zoom!

    Please see the schedule below.  For the first two weeks, please use the zoom room below:

    Biology Zoom Room: https://udenver.zoom.us/my/sec.biology


    Once face-to-face  on Jan 17, please reserve your seat here:



  • Supported Biology Courses

  • Fall 2019
    BIOL 2120: Cell Structure & Function 
    BIOL 2010: General Ecology 
    BIOL 2090: Biostats 
    Winter 2020

    BIOL 2510: General Genetics 
    BIOL 1011: Evol, Heredity Biodiversity 
    Spring 2020
    BIOL 1010: Physiological Systems 

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