• Comp Science Schedule: Spring 2018

  • Supported Computer Science Courses

    • Fall 2017

      COMP 1571-Procedural Programming I

      COMP 1671/2-Intro to CS

      COMP 2673-Intro to CS III 

      COMP 2370-Intro to Algorithms & Data Structures

      Winter 2018

      COMP 1101- Analytical Inquiry

      COMP 1671/2- Intro to Computer Science

      COMP 2355- Intro to Systems Programming

      COMP 2370-Intro to Algorithms & Data Structures

      COMP 2691- Intro to Computer Organization

      Spring 2018

      COMP 1101-Analytical Inquiry

      COMP 1672- Intro to Comp Sci II

      COMP 2300- Discrete Structures in CS

      COMP 2355-Intro to Systems Programming

      COMP 2673- Intro to Comp Sci III

      COMP 2691- Computer Organization


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