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  • A Geographer's Life List of Travel

  • Birders keep life lists, why not geographers? I've been fortunate that my research, teaching and travel have given me the opportunity to see diverse landscapes and experience new cultures.  As Susan Sontag says, "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."

  • Featured Albums

  • Winter in the Canadian Rockies
  • Iceland Adventures
  • New Zealand - Southern Alps
  • Sustainable Food Systems

  • For me, food systems start at home with my garden, fruit orchard and backyard chicken flock.  I'm able to produce 400-500 lbs of produce that we feast on through the summer and preserve for the winter months.  Our chickens provide entertainment as well as eggs and then help us to recycle food scraps, completing the cycle.  Cooking is another passion and I like nothing better than just heading out the door to “shop” the garden for fresh inspiration.

  • Lapidary and Metalsmithing

    I've worked over the last few years to channel my lifetime love of rocks into the hobbies of lapidary and metalsmithing. My inspirations come from nature and translating the hidden stories of the rocks and their earth history.  Taking a project full circle from finding stones in the field, slabbing them, shaping them and setting them has got me hooked!


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