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  • University Service

  • DU Sustainability Minor
    DU Sustainability Minor

    As the Director and Advisor for the Sustainability minor, I am available to work with students to design their minor, approve new and study-abroad courses for the minor, and work with faculty across campus to promote and expand our popular, interdiscplinary minor.  Our minor was started in 2009 and revised in 2015.  Our current format begins  with a gateway course, introduces sustainability through a multitude of "lenses" through 16 elective credits and culminates in a focused capstone class. Find more information about the minor here: 

    If you have a class that addresses sustainability (from the view of your disciplinary lens) and would like it considered for the minor, please contact me.

  • Professional & Community Service

  • Applied Geography

    Since 2018 I have served on the Editorial Board for the journal, Applied Geography (Elsevier).

    Applied Geography is a journal devoted to the publication of research which utilizes geographic approaches (human, physical, nature-society and GIScience) to resolve human problems that have a spatial dimension. These problems may be related to the assessment, management and allocation of the world's physicaland/or human resources. The underlying rationale of the journal is that only through a clear understanding of the relevant societal, physical, and coupled natural-humans systems can we resolve such problems.

    Papers are invited on any theme involving the application of geographical theory and methodology in the resolution of human problems. This may include papers on the techniques, problems and results of environmental and/or social research, as well as those concerned with the principles, policies and consequences of resource management and allocation. Articles are refereed before publication.

  • Catamount Center for Environmental Science & Sustainability
    Catamount Center for Environmental Science & Sustainability

    I have served on the Board for the Catamount Center for Environmental Science & Sustainability since 2005. 

    The Catamount Center for Environmental Science & Education is a non-profit organization based in beautiful Woodland Park, CO. Our mission is to inspire ecological stewardship through exploring the complex interactions and interconnections between human and natural systems. Our Environmental Science & Experiential Education programs encourage our visitors to reconnect with the natural world. By examining the individual role in the biological community from scientific, social, and spiritual perspectives, we aim to foster an intentional community and to inspire a new generation of environmental stewards.

  • Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
    Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

    I've served as a volunteer for Wildlands Restoration Volunteers for the last 11 years, working as a volunteer, crew leader, and crew leader instructor.  This organization does wonderful ecological restoration work with the goals to heal the land, build community...and have fun!  It's a great way to get students involved in experiential and service learning.  My Colorado's Rivers class has participated in river restoration projects for the last 6 years!

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