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  • Research Interests
    • Digitization of cultural heritage
    • Digital library development and evaluation
    • Information seeking and use
    • Visual information
    • Data curation
    • International librarianship 
  • Current Research Projects

    Teaching Research Methods in Master's-level LIS Programs

    2019 – Present

    Focus: to examine teaching research methods courses in library science professional education and to investigate how Library and Information Science (LIS) Master’s level programs are preparing future library professionals to be consumers of research and practitioner-researchers; collaborative project with Dr. Kawanna Bright.

    Community Resilience: Preserving and Promoting the Park County Local History Archives

    2019 – Present

    Focus: to preserve the archival collections at the Park County Archive and to explore the way digital technology can be integrated to promote the unique heritage of the region and to contribute to building community resilience. Funded by the University of Denver Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning.

    Text duplication and similarity in massive digital collections

    2018 - Present

    Focus: a content-based study of text duplication and similarity in massive digital collections, using data from the HathiTrust Digital Library (HTDL). Funded by the Institute for Museums and Library Services (IMLS); collaborative project with Dr. Peter Organisciak (PI).

    Everyday life information seeking practices of immigrants: An exploratory study

    2017 - Present

    Focus: to explore how recent immigrants living in an urban U.S. setting find usable and credible information resources that enable them to support building a new life, to maintain a cultural identity, and to solve the problems in their daily activities; designed using photovoice, a qualitative visual research method; collaborative project with Dr. Assefa (CO-PI).

  • Completed Research Projects

    Visual literacy in practice: Use of images in academic work of college and university students

    2016 - 2018

    Focus: to examine college and university students’ visual literacy skills and use of images and other visual information resources in the context of academic work; designed using consensual qualitative research (CQR) approach.

    Data curator: Who is s/he? Roles and responsibilities of data curators: An international perspective

    2015 - 2017

    Focus: to identify roles and responsibilities of the data curators, in both the international and interdisciplinary contexts; mixed-methods design; part of a large research project sponsored by the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA).

    Exploring the use of large-scale digital libraries for teaching and learning in higher education: The case of the Digital Public Library of America

    2015 - 2017

    Focus: to examine user understanding of large-scale digital libraries in the context of user interaction and to explore how users navigate digital libraries to find educational resources; qualitative study. Funded by the University of Denver, Faculty Senate Professional Research Opportunities for Faculty (PROF) grant

     Multifaceted Evaluation of Digital Libraries (MEDal) in academic settings


    Focus: to identify comprehensive digital library evaluation criteria and measures, and to compare perceptions from different stakeholders; designed as two-round Delphi survey; collaborative project with Dr. Iris Xie (PI) and Dr. Soohyung Joo.

    Use of digital resources in an academic environment


    Focus: to examine college students’ use of digital resources in the context of their academic work; multi-case qualitative study.

    Information seeking behavior in digital image collections


    Focus: to explore user information seeking behavior in digital image collections; qualitative study.

  • Publications

  • Books

    Xie. I. & Matusiak, K. K. (2016). Discover digital libraries: Theory and practice.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier. 

  • Recent Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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