• Research Interests
    • Digitization of cultural heritage
    • Digital library development and evaluation
    • Information seeking and use
    • Visual information
    • Data curation
    • International librarianship 
  • Current Research Projects

    Visual literacy in practice: Use of images in academic work of college and university students

    2016 - Present

    Focus: to examine college and university students’ visual literacy skills and use of images and other visual information resources in the context of academic work; designed using consensual qualitative research (CQR) approach.


    Data curator: Who is s/he? Roles and responsibilities of data curators: An international perspective

    2015 - Present

    Focus: to identify roles and responsibilities of the data curators, in both the international and interdisciplinary contexts; mixed-methods design; part of a large research project sponsored by the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA).

  • Completed Research Projects

    Exploring the use of large-scale digital libraries for teaching and learning in higher education: The case of the Digital Public Library of America

    2015 - 2017

    Focus: to examine user understanding of large-scale digital libraries in the context of user interaction and to explore how users navigate digital libraries to find educational resources; qualitative study. Funded by the University of Denver, Faculty Senate Professional Research Opportunities for Faculty (PROF) grant

     Multifaceted Evaluation of Digital Libraries (MEDal) in academic settings


    Focus: to identify comprehensive digital library evaluation criteria and measures, and to compare perceptions from different stakeholders; designed as two-round Delphi survey; collaborative project with Dr. Iris Xie (PI) and Dr. Soohyung Joo.

    Use of digital resources in an academic environment


    Focus: to examine college students’ use of digital resources in the context of their academic work; multi-case qualitative study.

    Information seeking behavior in digital image collections


    Focus: to explore user information seeking behavior in digital image collections; qualitative study.

  • Publications

  • Books

    Xie. I. & Matusiak, K. K. (2016). Discover digital libraries: Theory and practice.  Amsterdam:  Elsevier. 

  • Recent Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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