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  • Teaching Responsibilities

    My primary responsibilities as an Associate Professor at the Morgridge College of Education include teaching core and elective courses and advising master’s students in the Library & Information Science (LIS) Program. I regularly teach one of the core classes in the program, LIS 4010 Information Organization, which is offered twice a year. In addition, I teach a sequence of elective classes in digital librarianship, including LIS 4810 Digital Libraries, LIS 4820 Digitization, and LIS 4850 Digital Preservation.

    Curriculum development has taken a prominent place in my professional activities since I assumed my position at the Morgridge College of Education. In response to the changing library profession, I have proposed and developed five new classes for the LIS program. Digital librarianship represents an emergent and rapidly growing area of the library profession. To strengthen the LIS course offerings in this part of curriculum, I developed two new classes: Introduction to Digitization and Digital Libraries. Both classes have been incorporated into the regular LIS curriculum and are offered every year as part of the digital library course sequence. In addition, I also developed and taught three new elective courses including Academic Libraries, Usability, and Scholarly Communication.


  • Teaching Philosophy

    Teaching in the LIS field has undergone a dramatic change in recent years. Although the fundamental concepts and values of librarianship remain the same, the emphasis is increasingly on digital resources and information systems. I strongly believe that my role as a teacher is not to transmit information to students, but to provide them with support and opportunities to engage in the active construction of knowledge. In practice, embracing the constructivist approach means designing classes with a variety of learning activities that allow students to engage in individual reflection as well as class discussions, group activities, and hands-on-projects.  I also invite students to assume an active role in shaping class projects and in presenting and sharing the results of their own research.

  • List of Classes Taught in the LIS Program
    • LIS 4010 Organization of Information
    • LIS 4810 Digital Libraries
    • LIS 4820 Digitization
    • LIS 4850 Digital Preservation
    • LIS 4135 Scholarly Communication
    • LIS 4700 Academic Libraries
  • 2017 Orientation
    2017 Orientation

    Orientation to new Library and Information Science students, September 8, 2017

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