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  • Shakespeare’s Poetry: The Sonnets

    “Shakespeare’s Poetry: The Sonnets.” Great Authors: Shakespeare. DVD. Ambrose Video, 2014.

  • International E-Conference Appeals to Renaissance Writers

    “International E-Conference Appeals to Renaissance Writers” by Kristal Griffith.  University of Denver: DU Today February 22 (2008).

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  • The Poetics & Praxis of Adaptation

    “Milton and Blake: The Poetics & Praxis of Adaptation.” Romantic Textualities: Literature & Print Culture, 1780-1840, Miltonic Legacies. Ed. Daniel Cook, Tess Somervell, Brian Bates. Cardiff University (February, 2017):

  • Milton’s ‘Divorcive’ Liberties

    “Milton’s ‘Divorcive’ Liberties: Ecclesiastical, Domestic or Private, Civil, and Cosmological.” Early Modern Literary Studies. 10.1 (2004):

  • G. M. Revealed

    “G. M. Revealed: Printer of the first attacks on The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce.” Sara J. van den Berg and W. Scott Howard. Milton Quarterly. 38.4 (2004): 242-52; 

  • E-Journals (founding editor)

  • APPOSITIONS: Studies in Renaissance / Early Modern Literature & Culture
    APPOSITIONS: Studies in Renaissance / Early Modern Literature & Culture
  • Appositions @ MLA Commons

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