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  • The phenom of the fecund lab

  • The Sher lab has produced many babies over the years, including a particularly fecund period that produced 6 births in two years (including both graduate students and DBG research staff). It is such a common phenomenon that when someone says they have an announcement at our lab meeting (male or female)- the first guess is, "Are you pregnant?!" 

    The babies born and to whom while being supervised by Dr. Sher:

    1. 2006 Michelle's Katie (now with two siblings)

    2. 2007 Anna's Jeremy

    3. 2007 Maggie's Althea (now with two siblings)

    4. 2007 Michelle's Ella (now with younger brother)

    5. 2008 Jenny's Sophie (now with younger sister)

    6. 2009 Courtney's Elsa (with older and younger brothers now)

    7. 2009 Stephanie's Ellawin (now with younger brother)

    8. 2013 Darin's Coen

    9. 2015 Joe's Kody

    10. 2017 Annie's Alex

  • Kodiac, Joe Statwick's son, born in 2015

  • Jenny and Sophie
    Jenny and Sophie

    Jenny, associate director at Denver Botanic Gardens (now director), and her Daughter Sophie (born August 2008).

  • Michelle Cederborg (now Ohrtman) doing field work 7 months pregnant summer of 2006.

  • Stephanie S.'s second baby with Elawyn as proud big sister.

  • Photos of Sher Lab Babies

  • Alex- Baby #10!
    Young white woman holding a newborn infant to her chest and smiling at the camera.

    Annie Henry had her bundle of joy summer of 2017.

  • Sher Lab 2007
    Sher Lab 2007

    Michelle Cederborg, Maggie Gaddis, Michelle DePrenger-Levin (pregnant), and Dr. Sher all with babes in arms or belly.

  • Dr. Sher and Maggie, with her third child
    Dr. Sher and Maggie, with her third child
  • Kody with his parents
    Kody with his parents

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