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  • Classes at OLLI Boulder will begin January, 2019 (Winter term). A wide range of non-credit courses will be offered for members 50+, along with special presentations and social opportunities.  Classes cover academic subjects in global issues, history, literature, music, philosophy, political science, religion, science and technology, writing, and more.

    Classes will be posted on this website November 19, 2018.  Winter term classes will begin on January 14, 2019 and end on March 11, 2019.  Spring term classes will be posted on February 18, 2019 with classes beginning on April 1, 2019 and ending on May 24, 2019.

    The best way to see what OLLI is all about, what we offer and how we operate is to explore the various links attached to this site.  A good overview can be found at https://universitycollege.du.edu/olli/

    We hope to see you at an OLLI Boulder event soon!



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  • OLLI Boulder Facilitator Guide

  • OLLI Boulder - Contact Information

  • Susan Marie Mears
    OLLI Boulder Site Manager
    303-335-9836 or 919-413-6273. 
    OLLI's Main Office is located at:
    University College at DU
    2211 South Josephine Street
    Denver, CO 80208
    Barbe Ratcliffe, Executive Director,
  • Our new OLLI Boulder Home

  • Mountain View United Methodist Church

    355 Ponca Place

    Boulder, CO 80303


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    OLLI members may participate in as many classes as available at any of the six OLLI sites - East, Central, West, South, OLLI on Campus and Boulder (contingent upon space availability) for $130 per term.  OLLI has three terms per academic year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

  • Special Acknowledgement

  • CU’s Conference of World Affairs

    Boulder Jewish News

  • Please Welcome OLLI Boulder's New Site Manager

  • Susan Marie Mears joined the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes (OLLI) as Boulder’s Site Manager in December of 2018.  Prior to becoming part of the OLLI community, she spent twenty years in public affairs, journalism and public relations.  Her love of learning led her to OLLI.  She holds a BA from Vanderbilt University with graduate work in literature at George Mason and Georgetown Universities.  Her position is responsible for overseeing all operational aspects of the program, working closely with the Member Relations Advisory Council and the Curriculum Committee.

    Among Susan’s professional accolades are being recognized for exceptional work with Research & Development Communications at Glaxo SmithKline. She also helped launch March for Parks Day, America's only national walking event for parks and open spaces celebrated in all the 50 states in conjunction with Earth Day. 

    Susan enjoys the bike-friendly lifestyle Boulder provides.  You may often see her walking her dogs at Chautauqua. She is an avid reader and aspiring novelist.  Her greatest joys are the three children she shares with her husband Brad Wiemer: Aidan Thomas; Tristan Alexander; and Brynne Adelaide

    She is eager to hear from OLLI members and those with a curiosity to learn more about our offerings.  Susan may be reached by voice or text message at either 303-335-9836 or 919-413-6273.  Her email address is Susan.Mears@DU.edu

    Welcome to OLLI Boulder Susan!

  • Winter Term Classes by Topic - Please note classes that are filled

  • Arts and Literature

    Consequences of the Use and Abuse of Power in Shakespeare

    Classical Mythology, Part I

    Your Life - Your Story: Write It

    Beethoven 101

    The Organ, King of Instruments- CANCELED


    Philosophy, Religion, Psychology

    Kabbalah: A Short Introduction to Jewish Mysticism

    Homo Deus: A Discussion of Harari’s Brief History of Tomorrow



    Seven Greatest: The Greatest Scientific Discoveries in History-FILLED

    Science, Technology and Medicine in the News


    History, Economics, World Affairs

    The Three Roosevelts: Governance in 20th Century America

    Exploring Our World through Documentaries- FILLED

    Current Economic Issues: Facts and Fallacies- FILLED

    Great Decisions 2019

    Drama in the Courtroom - FILLED


    Health & Wellness

    Meditation and Sensory Awareness

    The Joy of Improv

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  • Link to OLLI West Portfolio Page


    Susan Schmetzer, susanolliwest@gmail.com

  • Link to OLLI Central Portfolio Page


    John Baumgartner, resourcesc@comcast.net

  • Link to OLLI South Portfolio Page


    Connie Dawson, ollisouth@gmail.com,

  • Link to OLLI on Campus Portfolio Page


    Joanne Ihrig, joanne.ihrig@du.edu


  • Link to OLLI East Portfolio Page
    Paul Simon,  ollidueast@gmail.com 303-300-9940 
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  • Winter Class Registration Online

  • Winter Term Registration Opens Nov. 19, 2018 and classes begin Jan. 14.

    The winter catalog is accessible from the Winter Catalog and Registration Tab  and a registration link is live here and on the Winter Catalog and Registration Tab. 



  • Important Registration Dates
    Important Registration Dates

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  • Please note a correction to the course catalog.  

    Boulder’s own Jim Symons, of the University of Colorado Theater Department and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival is offering a course entitled  "Consequences of The Use and Abuse of Power in Shakespeare”.    

    In addition to studying power’s use and abuse in four major Shakespeare plays this course will look toward their relevance today.  We will examine why  Shakespeare is the most produced playwright in the world.   Are these 400-year-old plays still relevant to our times, or are they simply traditional.  For more information about this course please check out the syllabus under the syllabi link on the top of the menu.”




  • We Love Volunteers!

  • OLLI members and volunteer facilitators are the heartbeat of the institute and are the reason it will thrive while keeping the fees low.

    Volunteering is a direct way for members to have input into the decisions and direction of OLLI.

    Volunteering is a rewarding and stimulating experience, and another way to meet new people.

    If you are interested in helping out on a committee or just one time at an event, contact olliboulder@gmail.com for more information.  We need you!



  • About the Osher Foundation

  • The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of Denver is a membership program designed for men and women age 50 and over, who wish to pursue lifelong learning in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere.  There are no tests, no grades, no academic requirements - just a desire for learning and a penchant to be curious.

    Thanks to the generosity of the The Bernard Osher Foundation, OLLI at the University of Denver joins a network of 120 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes across the United States that are meeting the needs of older learners who want to learn simply for the joy of learning and personal fulfillment.

    Read more: www.osherfoundation.org.

    OLLI needs believers like Bernard Osher. The development and delivery of quality educational programs for 50+ adults is important for sustaining quality of life and healthy minds. If you would like to help fund scholarships, programming or our research, please contact us at our office, 303-871-3090.


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