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  • Diane Coker Memorial Scholarship for DU MSW Students


    Student Application Instructions

    Diane Coker Memorial Scholarship


    Colorado Voters for Animals established the Diane Coker Memorial Scholarship in the memory of Diane Coker, a long-time supporter of the organization and a lover of horses. Colorado Voters for Animals is a non-partisan, nonprofit advocacy organization that seeks to advance animal welfare through public education, supporting animal-friendly legislators, and working at the local, state and federal level to pass laws that protect animals.


    The following eligibility requirements apply:

    • Applicant must be enrolled as an MSW student in the Graduate School of Social Work at University of Denver
    • Applicant must qualify and be accepted into the Equine-Assisted Mental Health Practitioner Certificate Program at University of Denver's Institute for Human-Animal Connection prior to applying for the scholarship

    The scholarship amount is $500 and is applied directly to the program fee after the student has begun their certificate studies.


    Directions for Application:

    Your scholarship application must be received before the start date for your Equine-Assisted Mental Health Practitioner Certificate program cohort. The recipient of the scholarship is determined through a joint process between the Director of Equine Programs and a Colorado Voters for Animals representative.

    The application process asks you to describe your interests in equine advocacy (your thoughts and actions in supporting the wellbeing of horses in systems and settings) through two mandatory essays. Each essay should address all parts of the question, be no longer than 300 words, and should be submitted with one essay per page as a PDF.

    Essay 1: Describe the personal journey that led to your interest in advocating for horses.

    Essay 2: Describe how your interest in advocating for horses, including, and beyond, those incorporated in a therapy session, informs your thoughts about horses today, and how this translates into action in your life.


    Clearly mark each essay with your name and contact information, and submit via email to Director of Equine Programs:


    EAMH Diane Coker Memorial Scholarship – Colorado Voters for Animals.pdf

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