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  • Important & Emergency Contacts

    Campus Safety: 

    • Emergency: 303-871-3000
    • Non-Emergency: 303-871-2334


    Central Facilities Service Desk: 

    • 303-871-2200


    CAHSS Dean's Office, Facilities and Infrastructure: 

    • Dean's Office General Line: 303-871-4449
    • Nathan McNichols, CAHSS Facilities Coordinator: 303-871-5375
    • Inquiry and Requests Inbox:
  • COVID-19 Information

    For the most recent DU updates on the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, including the current alert level and corresponding protocols, please visit the COVID-19 dashboard


  • CAHSS Buildings and Venues

    On-campus buildings and venues: 

    1. Nagel Art Studio
    2. Shwayder Art Building,
    3. The Chambers Center
    4. Sturm Hall
    5. Anderson Academic Commons
    6. Frontier Hall
    7. Nagel Hall
    8. Johnson-McFarlane Hall
    9. The Newman Center
    10. Wesley Hall
    11. Mass Communications


    Off-campus venues: 

    1. The Hampden Center
    2. The Madden Museum of Art


    You can access these locations on the campus map below: 

    CAHSS Portfolio Map.pdf

  • One-time Funding Requests

    An ongoing goal of the Dean's Office is support to our constituent departments as much as possible, and in pursuit of that, CAHSS Facilities and Infrastructure has partnered with CAHSS Business and Operations to develop the one-time funding requests process.


    Please note, this process is not specific to facilities-related funding, but departments with a one-time funding need for a facilities- and/or equipment-related project are encouraged to use this process. Additionally, this process is not a workaround to the standard process for computer replacements or refreshes. Once submitted, the request will be routed to the Business and Operations team, who will then follow up. 


    Departments may submit requests for one-time funding via the One-time Funding Request survey. Questions with this may be routed to either or inboxes. 



  • C-Cure Access Coordinator

    Nathan McNichols, CAHSS Facilities Coordinator


    Phone: 303-871-5375

    Sturm Hall, Ste. 166

  • Lost & Found

    The lost and found stockpile for Sturm Hall is located in the Dean's Office Garden Suite (Sturm Hall 166). Please redirect found items and those looking for lost items to this location. 

  • Trusted Safety Partners & Emergency Readiness Plan (ERP)

    As part of Sturm Hall's emergency preparedness and resiliency strategy, CAHSS F&I is proud to present the implementation of our Trusted Safety Partner's program. Trusted Safety Partners (TSPs) are volunteers that have received special training from Campus Safety and equipped with emergency supplies to facilitate evacuations and provide assistance during emergency situations. In Sturm Hall, there are two TSPs per floor: 

    Fourth Floor TSPs: Kirk Jones & Naomi Reshotko

    Third Floor TSPs: Darlene Squires & Claudia Vega Norell

    Second Floor TSPs: Gretchen Hefner & Jamie Dinneen 

    First Floor TSPs: Selena Naumoff & Sarah Carlson

    Backup/Coordinator: Nathan McNichols


    For more information about Sturm Hall's emergency preparedness strategy, please contact Nathan McNichols or reference the Emergency Response Plan.


  • CAHSS Capital Projects

    Capital projects should be developed in conjunction with the CAHSS Facilities Coordinator. To initiate a capital project request, please send an email to with the following information: 

    • Where the project will take place; 
    • What is the motivation behind the project; and, 
    • The vision/goal of the project. 
  • DU Facilities Management and Planning Policies

    CAHSS Facilities and Infrastructure partners with the University of Denver's division of Facilities Management and Planning (FMP) to promote compliance with applicable policies. FMP's policy database is accessible here.

  • Pet Visitation Guidelines

    Many of us have a soft spot in our hearts for our furry companions, and with the return to working primarily from the office, it’s understandable that some of our pets would also make that transition. With this being said, please keep the following guidelines in mind for when your pet visits any of our CAHSS locations: 

    • Remember that our primary focus should remain on our work. If your pet impedes routine operations, you may be asked to remove them from the building or campus. 
    • Out of our pets’ own best interests, all furry visitors must be fully up-to-date on their vaccinations and free of any transmissible illnesses and/or parasites. 
    • Pets should never be unattended or unsupervised. 
    • Pets should be potty trained, and owners should bring doggy bags to keep our grounds well maintained. If your petdamages any CAHSS or University property, pet visitation privileges may be revoked. 
    • If your pet has a tendency or history to be violent toward other animals or persons, they are not allowed on campus at any time. Owners of pets that are aggressive or violent may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. 
    • If anyone you interact with on a routine basis (officemates, students, etc.) have allergies to your pet, you will be expected to keep your pet at home. 
    • While not inside your office space, your pet must be leashed, and pets are not allowed in sensitive areas such as computer labs, galleries, artifact storage, etc.

    By following these common understandings, we can enjoy the company of our beloved companions at the office. Remember, your pet is your responsibility and your liability, and our workplaces being pet-friendly is a privilege allowed by the CAHSS Dean’s Office. Also, please note that these guidelines do not supersede any applicable University policy, particularly those governing service animals. 

  • Postings and Fliers Policy

    Here’s the official policy posted on the Student Life website:

    All posters intended for academic buildings, NOT Sturm Law or Daniels College of Business, must be approved. You may have a maximum of 25 posters per event. Be sure to check at each building’s main office to comply with their individual posting policies as well.

    ONLY University of Denver sponsored events and activities can be advertised in Sturm Hall. Please be aware that posting is only allowed on the large glass marker boards in the hallways. No posting is allowed on any walls or doors, with the exception of departmental office doors.

    Flyers or posters that violate that policy should be removed immediately. Flyers that are out of date, or whose stamp has expired, should be removed on a regular basis.

  • Sturm Hall: Furniture Disposals

    As we’re all aware, Sturm Hall is a high traffic building—a home away from home for numerous students, staff, and faculty. Placing unwanted or broken furniture pieces in hallways and common areas obstructs the safe flow of traffic. This creates impediments to persons utilizing assistive movement devices, and can impede egress in the event of an emergency evacuation. Additionally, cluttering the hallways and common areas with unwanted, broken, and trash furniture and electronic items, portrays a negative image to the rest of our DU Community. Our goal is to maintain a building that we can all take pride in, and inasmuch, we should all do our part to ensure a safe and tidy environment. 


    Please reach out to for assistance coordinating disposal of any unwanted items that are too large for the standard waste receptacles. Please note, that if unwanted items are found in hallways, the adjacent department may be assessed for disposal costs. 

  • Sturm Hall: Good Housekeeping Guidelines for Events

    Sturm Hall is not only the primary home of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, but also an invaluable asset to the entire DU community. The many classrooms, amenities, and the incomparable Davis Auditorium, combined with Sturm Hall's proximity to the Campus Green and Community Commons, makes this special building a tough to beat choice for events and other activities. With this being said, Sturm Hall is also home to approximately 20 departments, programs, and centers (including the Office of the Dean), and it's a workplace to many faculty, staff, and students. Because of this, it's important that we remain vigilant in our efforts to adhere to certain good housekeeping guidelines: 

    • Events should be properly scheduled, either through Conference and Events or through the CAHSS Dean's Office via the Shared Space Reservation Request (172, 304, 404 & 411). Please note that, for departmentally maintained seminar or other meeting spaces, it may be necessary to route your request through the applicable department. 
    • Event organizers are responsible for arranging all necessary services, if any, prior to their event (including custodial, conversions, catering, etc.).
    • Event organizers are responsible for arranging access to the building and space. For assistance, please contact the party with whom the event was scheduled. 
    • Immediately following their event, organizers are responsible for ensuring the space is returned to par, including proper disposal of waste, removal of tables/chairs, etc. Failure to do so may result in the organizing entity being assessed for charges related to restoring the space. 
    • Damage to either the space itself or the furniture therein may result in the organizing entity being assessed for repair costs. 
    • Event organizers are responsible for ensuring compliance (including the compliance of all attendees) with any applicable COVID-19 requirements. For additional information, please contact the party with whom the event was scheduled or visit the DU COVID-19 Dashboard. Please note, additional requirements may apply to external (non-DU) guests.
    • Event organizers and attendees should make all reasonable efforts to dispose of waste, recycling and compost appropriately and sustainably. 
    • Absolutely no fliers, announcements, or other postings should be applied to non-approved surfaces, and the ONLY approved surfaces for fliers in Sturm Hall are the mounted, glass message boards. If needed, event organizers should arrange for tripods or other temporary workarounds to be utilized, and these should be removed immediately following the conclusion of the event. For additional information, please reference the Sturm Hall: Postings and Fliers Policy on the CAHSS Portfolio page. Failure to abide by this policy may result in the event's organizing entity being assessed for damages. 
    • Since CAHSS is the primary tenant and occupant of Sturm Hall, event organizers should be advised that their compliance with any directions, provided by a member of CAHSS' Dean's Office, is expected. Failure to comply may result in the event's attendees being asked to leave the building. 
    • Given Sturm Hall's first priority as a workplace, event attendees should remain respectful of any classes and other standard operations. This includes not disrupting the flow of student, faculty, or staff traffic, being cognizant of event noise levels, and being aware of community safety guidelines. 
    • Event attendees should be advised that, under no circumstances and at no time, will smoking be allowed on the premises, nor should there be any other questionable or restricted items or materials. Failure to comply with these reasonable standards of safety will result in the event being closed and attendees asked to leave. Under such circumstances, the Dean's Office reserves the right to involve Campus Safety in restoring peace. 
  • Sturm Hall: Single Office Policy

    As we’re all aware, space in Sturm Hall is a very precious commodity, and the Dean's Office is taking steps to ensure fair access to this resource and that we’re using our limited space as efficiently as possible. In pursuit of this goal, a new approach to office assignments will be implemented, effective July 1st, 2022. Specifically, individuals will no longer be allowed to hold multiple office assignments. 


    Thank you all for your understanding, patience, and teamwork on maximizing our amount of usable space here in Sturm Hall. 

  • Sturm Hall: Space Requests, Reassignments, Vacancy Reporting, and Allocations Guidelines

    All spaces in Sturm Hall—excluding those areas controlled by Central Facilities, IT, and/or the Registrar’s Office—are the jurisdiction of the CAHSS Dean’s Office. While CAHSS remains the primary tenant of Sturm Hall spaces may only be allocated, reassigned, or repurposed at the approval and discretion of the CAHSS Dean’s Office. When the need arises for a space and/or office to be repurposed, reassigned, or allocated, and when a vacancy is expected or has occured, departments should submit  a Space Requests and Reports Survey

    Once the request form is completed, an email will be triggered so that the review process may be promptly commenced. Please, do not proceed with a repurposing, reassignment, or allocation until you have received approval from the Dean’s Office.

    Please note the following definitions: 

    • Room Reassignment: A current occupant of Sturm Hall would like to move into a new space. 
    • Space Assignment: An incoming employee will need an office assignment, or a function/program needs a space. 
    • Room Repurpose: A department would like to convert a currently assigned space into a function-specifc space (i.e., turning an office into a conference room). 

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