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  • Current Lab Members

  • Ann Wehman, PI

    Shruti Kolli, Graduate Student

    Riley Harrison, Undergraduate Student

    Alissa Rumin, Undergraduate Student

    Brianna Brost, Undergraduate Student

  • Former Lab Members

  • Postdoctoral Fellows

    Gholamreza Fazeli


    Graduate Students

    Aravindan Viswanathan

    Francisca Alagboso

    Katharina Beer

    Hanaa Ghanawi

    Jennifer Rivas-Castillo

    Julia Frondoni

    Lauren Pitts


    Medical Students

    Michaela Trinkwalder Geisenhof

    Birgit Karmann

    Linda Irmisch

    Maurice Stetter



    Theresa Henninger

    Anne Haberberger


    Undergraduate Students

    Kenneth Kuhn

    Sarah Tröger

    Jaime Lisack

    Lisa Jörg

    Jona Causemann

    Adrian Molière

    Alex Nguyen

  • Ann

  • Lab Photos
  • Lab Events
  • Contact

  • ​ DU Email:

    University of Denver


    ​ Uni Wü Email:

    University of Würzburg

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