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  • I strive to connect my research, teaching, and community engagement. My graduate Qualitative Methods course involves students in participatory-action research with local community partners. We collaborate to address local social problems through mutual learning, active engagement, and data-driven research.

    Through the DU Just Wages Project, my students and I collaborate with non-profits, lawyers, and legal agencies to provide a holistic understanding of wage theft in Colorado while we help devise possible solutions and bolster enforcement. This includes volunteering with the Wage Theft Direct Action Team, to help workers directly recover wages and inform policy-makers of systemic challenges.

    Please check out DU Immigrant and Refugee Rights Colectivo on Facebook to learn about organizing for immigrant rights in Colorado, nationally, and globally. Contact duirrc@gmail.com to get involved!

    I also manage the DU Just Wages Project Facebook site and website, which are resources for learning about, preventing, and seeking redress for wage theft in Colorado: 

    I am a former/rotating co-director of the Korbel Latin America Center,faculty affiliate of IRISE and the Human Trafficking Center,

    I was a member of the DU Collective Impact Cohort on Migration, which brought together faculty, staff, students, and community partners to improve daily living and opportunities for immigrants and refugees in the Denver metro area.

    I am the co-director of the new DU Center for Immigration Policy and Research (DU CIPR) with Lisa Martínez (DU Sociology). For more info, please email cipr@du.edu



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