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Recent Publications

  • “High-Speed Railway Opening and Corporate Fraud” with Chen Wang and Lei Zheng. Sustainability. 2021 forthcoming. Impact factor 2.6

    “The Digitalization Transformation of Commercial Banks and its Impact on Sustainable Efficiency Improvement through Investment in Science and Technology.” With Lihua Zuo and Lijjuan Zuo. Sustainability. 13, 11028.

    “Can Machines Learn Capital Structure Dynamics?” with Shahram Amini, Ryan Elmore and Ozde Oztekin, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021.  

    High-speed Rail's Impact on Airline Demand and Air Carbon Emissions in China” with Hongchang Li and Jinli Cui. Transport Policy. 109, 85-97. August 2021,  Impact factor 3.38

    “Effects of railway speed on aviation demand and CO2 emissions” with Kemei yu, Shuli Liu, Hongchang Li and Xujuan Kuang, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and the Environment. My 2021, 94, Impact Factor 4.05

    An OLS and GMM Combined Algorithm for Text Analysis for Heterogenous Impact in Online Health Communities” with Yunqui Zhang, Hongchang Li and Lihong Liu. Tehnicki vesnkij, 28,2 2021. Impact factor .77.

    “The Influence of the Air Cargo Network on the Regional Economy under the Impact of High-Speed Rail in China” with Lulu Hao, Na Zhang, Hongchang Li, Xuejie Liu and Xuemeng Guo. Sustainability. Oct. 20, 2020. Impact factor 2.6.

    “ Learning and Predictability via Technical Analysis: Evidence from Bitcoin and Stocks with Hard-to-Value Fundamentals with Andrew Detzel, Hong Liu, Guofu Zhou and Yingzi Zhu.  Financial Management. Feb. 2020.

    "Industry Return Predictabiltiy: A Machine Learning Approach.   The Journal of Financial Data Science. with David Rapach, Jun Tu and Guofu Zhou. Summer 2019

    "A Panel Investigation of High-Speed Rail (HSR) and Urban Transport on China's Carbon Footprint."   

    with Hongchang Li and Lihong Li. Sustainability. Impact factor 2.1. April 2019

    “Adding Value in Student Managed Funds: Benchmark and Sector Selection” with Chris Hughen and JP Tremblay, Practical Applications. April 2019, 1-6.

    "The Impact of High-Speed Rail on Civil Aviation in China." with Hongchang Li and Liu Lu. Transport Policy, Impact factor 3.0. 

    Expected vs Ex-Post Profitability in the Cross-Section of Industry Returns.” With Andrew Detzel and Philipp Schaberl.   Financial Management, June 2018.

    “Do High-Speed Railways Lead to Urban Economic Growth in China”. with Hongchang Li and Liu Lu, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. Vol. 69, August 2018, 70-89

    “There are Two Very Different Accruals Anomalies.” With Andrew Detzel and Philipp Schaberl. European Financial Management. September 2018.  

    “Adding Value in Student Managed Funds: Benchmark and Sector Selection” with Chris Hughen and JP Tremblay, Journal of Trading Winter 2018, 13 (1) 27-34.

    "Combination Forecasts of Industry Book-to-Market Generates OOS Predictability & Portfolio Allocation" with Andrew Detzel. Review of Finance. July 2017

    Portfolio Allocations Using Fundamental Ratios: Are Profitability Measures Effective in Selecting Firms and Sectors? With Chris Hughen. The Journal of Portfolio Management, Spring 2017, 43:3, 87-101.

     “Can We Count on Accounting Fundamentals for Industry Portfolio Allocation? With Justin Lallemand.”  Summer 2016, Journal of Portfolio Management.  42:4 70-87.

    “Can we consistently forecast a firm’s earnings? Using combination forecast methods to predict the EPS of Dow firms” with Naresh Bansal. Journal of Economics and Finance: Vol (1) (2015), 1-22.

    “MENA Economic Environment.” Forthcoming in Middle Eastern Business Environments. Morris A Kalliny and Mamoun Benmamou eds. Cognella Publishing, CA. 2015.

    “International Stock Return Predictability: What is the Role of the United States? With David Rapach and Goufu Zhou. Journal of Finance, 1633-1662, August 2013

    “Allies Not Enemies: How Latino Immigration Boosts African American Employment and Wages.” American Immigration Council. June 2013.

    CFA Review of "International Stock Return Predictability: What Is the Role of the United States?". CFA Digest. Nov 2013 with David Rapach and Guofu Zhou.

    “Does Housing Drive State-Level Job Growth?: Building Permits & Consumer Expectations Forecast a State's Economic Activity.” Journal of Urban Economics, 2013 (1) 77-93.

    “Forecasting US state-level employment growth: An amalgamation approach.” With David Rapach. Journal of International Forecasting. Vol. 28, 2. 2012, April–June 2012, 315–327.

    “How Predictable is the Chinese Stock Market?” with Fuwei Jiang, David Rapach, Jun Tu and Goufu Zhou. Best Paper Award at The Chinese Finance Association, NYC, Oct. 2010. Journal of Financial Research, China. 9, 2011, 107-121. #1 Chinese Finance Journal.

    “Predicting Market Components Out of Sample: Asset Allocation Implications.” With David E. Rapach and Guofu Zhou. Journal of Portfolio Management. 2011. Vol. 37, 4: pp. 29-41

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