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  • Experience

  • Current: Miller Chair of Applied Economics, Reiman School of Finance,   Daniels School of Business, University of Denver

    Consultant for Bank Indonesia.  “Forecasting Inflation & other Macroeconomic Variables in Indonesia: Handling Structural Change and Instability with Combination Forecast Methods.” July 2016

    Beijing Jiaotong University, Managerial Economics. 2015-2022 (ongoing)   

    Herat University, Consultant for helping teach their new MBA program 2017-2018

    Economic Consultant. 2000-2021.  Various Projects include Economic Impact Analysis of Alcohol Liberalization Laws in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas, Marijuana, Minimum Wage, Immigration, St. Louis Water, MSD, Financial Crisis on St. Louis Real Estate, Ameren, Boeing and Economic Damages. My economic impact work and analysis has been cited hundreds of times by the media, including TV, radio and print.  I have been on NPR, Voice of America and local Fox News, NBC and CBS stations.  In print, I have been cited by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, National Journal, Yahoo Finance, US Chamber of Commerce, Denver Post, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Dow Jones News,, USA Today  and Newsweek Magazine.

    Associate Editor, Southern Economic Journal 2014-2017, 2017-2021

    Saint Louis University, Simon Chair of Economics, 1990-2013
    Director of the Simon Center for Regional Forecasting

    Special Advisor to the St. Louis Immigration Taskforce 2011-2013

    University of Hawaii, Summer 2011, 2012  - taught Adv. Capital Markets and International Financial Crises

    Monetary Adviser to the National Bank of Azerbaijan, 2008
    Designed an Inflation and Money Demand Forecasting Model for a USAID project

    Monetary and Econometric Adviser to the Central Bank of Egypt, 1998 Estimated Macro & Monetary Model, worked under KPMG/USAID contract

    Macroeconomic and Econometric Adviser to the Government of Ukraine - 1994-1995 Designed an integrated macroeconomic & revenue model of the Ukrainian Economy worked under USAID/KPMG contract

    Fulbright Scholar - Ukraine, 1994-1995

    Taught Macroeconomics in Spain 2001-02

    Taught Econometrics, Statistics and Macroeconomics in Ukraine 1998 at Kiev Mohyla University a  Masters program in Ukraine

    Economist Intelligence Unit Consultant for 4 years. Responsible for evaluating & forecasting Ukraine’s performance for 14 Country Reports.

  • Contact Info

  • Jack K. Strauss
    Professor of Finance
    Miller Chair of Applied Economics

    Office 303 871-3504

  • Publications

  • Best Paper Award

  • "Unlocking the Black Box of Sentiment and Cryptocurrency: What, Which, Why, When and How?" My paper with three DU PhD students won the best paper award at the NABE conference in Maui.

    "Learning and Predictability via Technical Analysis: Evidence from Bitcoin and Stocks with Hard-to-Value Fundamentals" won a best paper award in Financial Management in 2020

    Our “Out-of-Sample Equity Premium Prediction: Combination Forecasts and Links to the Real Economy” was among Review of Financial Studies Top Cited Papers in 2010. RFS_MostRead_June2017.pdf

    Our paper “Industry Interdependencies and Cross-Industry Return Predictability” won the ASX Prize at the 28th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, Dec. 17, 2015. “The conference is the most prestigious finance conference in the Asia-Pacific region, and brings together the world's foremost leaders of thought from the financial community.”

    “How Predictable is the Chinese Stock Market?” Best Paper Award at The Chinese Finance Association, New York City, Oct. 2010.

     Our “Differences in Housing Price Forecastability Across U.S. States”, was among International Journal of Forecasting Most Cited Articles published since 2009 according to Scopus. 1st Academic paper to forecast the Housing Bubble for the Sand States.

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • strauss-vitae.pdf

  • Bio

  • Dr. Strauss has extensive forecasting experience including more than four dozen publications using advanced statistical methods in the top journals in Finance, Econometrics and Economics. These include the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Review of Finance, Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Forecasting, International Journal of Forecasting, Econometric Reviews, Review of International Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Finance Research, Journal of Macroeconomics, Economic Letters, Journal of Economics and Finance, Global Finance Journal and Southern Economic Journal. 

    His background includes international policy experience in the areas of international finance and forecasting. He has consulted for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, the Central Bank of Egypt, and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.  He constructed econometric models of their economies that forecasted GDP and inflation. He also worked for the Economist Intelligence Units and wrote Quarterly  reports on Ukraine for them that further analyzed and forecasted economic activity in the Ukrainian economy. 


    Prior to Denver University, Professor Strauss was the director of the Simon Center, and his responsibilities include organizing conferences for Saint Louis University of the regional and national economy, forecasting the local economy of St. Louis and the State of Missouri and contributions to the media. He has been cited more than 300 times recently on local TV, radio, newspapers as well as national outlets including CNN, Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Voice of America and more.


    Dr. Strauss has substantial expertise on regional economic issues including employment, housing, immigration, the earnings tax and impact analysis. Recently, he was an advisor to the St. Louis Steering Committee on Immigration. The taskforce, backed by both Mayor Slay and County Executive Dooley, is exploring avenues to promote a more pro-active and friendly immigration policy in the St. Louis region. Dr. Strauss further was the keynote speaker at the Conference that kick-started the immigration taskforce, and his papers have shown that immigration can produce significant positive economic effects to the St. Louis region and the U.S..


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