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  • Description

  • In fall 2006, the University of Denver launched a comprehensive new writing program. Its mission: create a robust culture of writing on campus; develop strong student skills through multiple writing experiences; follow the best research and pedagogy. The program emphasizes the complex writing and rhetorical abilities needed in academic, professional, and civic life. Our further mission is to provide a national model for colleges and universities seeking exemplary practices in teaching writing. The components of the program are a first-year writing sequence, a writing and research center, writing-intensive core courses, support for writing in the disciplines, and program assessment and research.

    Anderson Academic Commons
    Dr. Sheila Carter-Tod, Executive Director

  • Staff information

  • Brief Writing Program Faculty Bios.doc

  • Faculty Handbook: August 2021, February 2020, and July 2019


    OLD VERSIONS: 02.27.20.Writing Program Faculty Handbook.pdfWriting Program Faculty Handbook 5th Edition - July 2019

  • Forums

  • History of Program Retreats 2007-14.pdf

  • WRIT Documents

  • --33 Portfolio Options for spring 2011.docx

  • Portfolio Assessment

  • --33 Portfolio Options for spring 2011.docx

  • U Denver Proposal for CCCC Regional1.pdf

  • Tables from Promotion Criteria Survey.pdf

  • Reappointment and Promotion Synthesis A.docx

  • June 2019 Writing Retreat Summary.docx

  • Syllabus Statement Regarding Modalities and Covid.docx

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  • 7 points of Distinction DU Writing Program.doc

  • PA180118.JPG
  • Program Information

  • University of Denver Certificate of Excellence.pdf

  • Senate Report on Writing Program April 2009.pdf

  • Longitudinal study for Senate.pdf

  • Current Writing Requirements at the University of Denve1.pdf

  • Directions to U of Denver.jpg
    Directions to U of Denver.jpg
  • Denver National Day on Writing flyer 2.pdf

  • PressClubDayOnWriting10-19-09.pdf

  • DenverDayOnWriting10-20-09.pdf

  • WritingDenverPressClub10-19-09.pdf

  • ChoosingWRIT1133SectionsSpring10.pdf

  • DU Longitudinal Study of Writing Overview CI.pdf

  • U Denver Writing Debate Bingo 16.pdf

  • Multimodal

  • Writing Program Report on Multimodal Project.pdf

  • Student_Introduction_Podcast.doc

  • Colorado National Writing Day.jpg
    Colorado National Writing Day.jpg
  • Presidential Debate Bingo

  • DEBATE BINGO: The first Presidential Debate takes place at the University of Denver on October 3, 2012.  Several Writing Program faculty will be hosting DEBATE BINGO at the  DebateFest on campus.  As the candidates use the rhetorical strategies, logical fallacies, or predictable talking points featured on our Bingo cards, participants will mark the corresponding boxes until they have five in a row . Winners can upload a picture of their winning card to Twitter using #DUDebateBingo for the chance to win a prize from DU’s Writing Program. A full set of 16 BINGO CARDS is included below, in PDF format.

  • DebateFest Bingo 01.pdf

  • U Denver Writing Debate Bingo 16.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 02.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 03.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 04.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 05.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 06.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 07.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 08.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 09.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 10.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 11.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 12.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 13.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 14.pdf

  • DebateFest Bingo 15.pdf

  • Writing Program Report 2019-2021

    Writing Program Report 2019-2021 Updated Final c.pdf

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