• Overview

  • *DU's historic CHAMBERLIN OBSERVATORY [1889] -- featuring a 20 inch aperture, 25 foot focal length Clark-Saegmuller refractor --first light, 1894 --Chamberlin Observatory building, Denver Landmark #220 --continuing intro classes and public outreach --

    webpage: http://www.du.edu/~rstencel/Chamberlin

    Classes held there: PHYS 1050/1070/1090, NATS, FYSEM

    *DU's MEYER-WOMBLE OBSERVATORY located at 14,148 ft atop Mt.Evans, Colorado, 35 miles west-soutwest of campus. Established as the High Altitude Lab atop Mt.Evans as the Summit A-frame [1935: Burnham Hoyt, Bruno Rossi] and the Echo Lake Lab [1946] a multi-Univ collab with DU, Mario Iona, cosmic ray physics, and the summit observatory, 24 inch Ealing-Beck, DRI [1972-1997]; relocated to Sapiello, NM and beyond , then 1997-present -- DU's Meyer-Womble Observatory, dual 28 inch telescopes, solar powered --

    webpage: http://www.du.edu/~rstencel/MtEvans

    Class held there (summer): Phys 2063, Indep. Study

    STUDENT ASTRONOMY LAB  & INTERNET TELESCOPES [2001] 16 inch -- P&A rooftop, automated telescope -- first light, 3/8/2004, and telescope access to New Mexico and Perth AU remote telescopes.  Webpages: http://www.du.edu/physastron & www.tzecmaun2.org

    Classes held there: Phys 2061/2062 & Indep.Study/Research

  • 2nd edition, Denver's Great Telescope (2015)

  • Observatory Data

  • Links to Mt.Evans data streams:

    indoor webcam: http://netserv.du.edu/video/webpagedump/MTEVANS.jpg

    outdoor webcam: http://netserv.du.edu/video/webpagedump/MTEVANS2.jpg

    GPS water vapor record: http://gpsmet.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/gnuplots/rti_plots.cgi?SITES=COME 

    Other: forthcoming.  Local mean standard time = GMT - 7hr.

    Questions can be addressed to robert.stencel (at) du.edu

  • DU's historic Chamberlin Observatory, 1894

  • Updates on Chamberlin Observatory
  • We continue to offer regular Introductory level Astronomy classes (Mon/Wed), and frequent public access observing nights (Tu/Th/Sa) and talks - for details, see webpage: http://www.du.edu/~rstencel/Chamberlin

    2009 was designated by the United Nations as the International Year of Astronomy (IYA). DU's historic Chamberlin Observatory  participated in many ways.

    1. Special programs keyed to national and international IYA events.

    2. Initiation of the DENVER ASTRONOMY CENTER - a community resource.

    Your support is needed. For details, email the Director, Chamberlin Observatory: rstencel at du dot edu or visit webpage http://www.du.edu/~rstencel/Chamberlin Thank you for your interest in Astronomy at Denver.

  • Denver'sGreatTelescope2006.pdf

    Page proofs for our little book, Denver's Great Telescope, 2006 QB 82 .C62

  • AttendanceHistory.pdf

  • Attendance_since1968.jpg


  • Mt.Evans Meyer-Womble Observatory, 1997

  • A look inside/outside (webcam)

    Webcams are limited to intranet (on-campus or vpn), at IP addresses: = indoor camera, 24/7 except during outages = outdoor camera, best during daytime (no added lighting at night)

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  • Access to Mt.Evans Observatory
  • Scenes from Mog Evans XV
  • OSA6Challenges and opportunities.pdf

  • MtEvansJAVSO99.pdf

  • Images
  • Student Astronomy Lab, 2004

  • DU's Student Astronomy Lab
  • Info under development...

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