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  • These graphs show metric analyses of all the movements of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. I use an analytical notation very similar to that used by Jonathan Kramer in The Time of Music, except that I use long and short lines on each hierarchic level to indicate strong and weak accents.

    This notation is conceptually similar to that used by Lerdahl and Jackendoff in A Generative Theory of Tonal Music, but I find Kramer's use of lines to be more visually effective than Lerdahl/jackendoff's use of dots.

    Phrase analysis is indicated under the graphs, along with measure numbers and the location and key of important cadences.

    These graphs are posted here because their large size makes them inconvenient to examine even when printed on large sheets of paper. They are much easier to examine as PDF files that allow the viewer to zoom in and out at will.

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