• Dec 2008 brief report

  • Sept 2007 Assessment Report

  • 2006 Progress Report

  • Goals for Undergraduate Chem/Biochem Majors

  • At the completion of their undergraduate programs, chemistry and biochemistry majors graduating from the University of Denver should

    1. have a general knowledge of the basic areas of chemistry (inorganic, organic, physical, analytical chemistry and biochemistry)

    2. be able to apply factual and theoretical knowledge of chemistry to problem solving

    3. be able to work effectively and safely in the laboratory

    4. be able to use instruments and computers to gather/analyze chemical information

    5. be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing about the discipline of chemistry

    6. be able to use modern methods to retrieve and interpret chemical data/information

    7. be able to work cooperatively as a member of a group to solve problems

    8. be able to articulate the importance of chemistry in addressing the needs of society

    9. be able to enter a graduate or professional program or begin employment as a chemist

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