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  • Biographical Description

  • Education:
    Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology, M.A.
    University of New Mexico  - 2000


    Alex currently works at the Office of Teaching and Learning for the University of Denver as an Academic Technology Specialist.  He has over 20 years of academic technology experience in higher education. Alex has worked on numerous academic technology projects as a designer, developer, manager and project champion. This experience provides faculty, staff and students with the best possible solution for meeting the challenges of their educational project. Alex has also been teaching in higher education for over 15 years, so he understands the real-world challenges that faculty members face and the unique learning styles of students.

     Skills Profile:

    • website information architecture
    • website heuristic evaluations
    • website project planning and management
    • web user experience testing
    • web development
    • content strategy
    • enterprise video management using Kaltura
    • Canvas administrator
    • videographer
    • instructional videos
    • database design and management
    • MySQL administration 
    • digital repository design and management
    • instructional design
    • course design for online education

    Teaching Experience

    Courses that I have taught for University of Denver: 

    • Web Application Development: This course is offered by the DU Digital Media Studies Program. The course covers website planning, wireframes, application development, MySQL database development, content management and ColdFusion programming. 
    • Information Architecture: This course is offered by the DU Library and Information Science Program. The goal of the course is to learn how to organize website content in order to maximize the discoverability of information.  Topics covered in this course include search engine design, controlled vocabularies, collective intelligence, labeling, content organization, metadata schemas and user search pattern research.
  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Contact Info

  • PHONE: 303-871-4879

    EMAIL: alex.martinez @ d u. edu

    Office of Teaching and Learning
    Anderson Academic Commons room 350-J

  • Website Projects

  • University of Denver - DU CourseMedia

    DU CourseMedia is a course media management system that helps instructors organize and present media materials (images, video and audio). Instructors can create media galleries that can be accessed by their students 24/7 online. Over 200 course use DU CourseMedia each quarter.  

    Roles: Application architect, information architect, project management, database developer, and ColdFusion programmer.  

  • Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers
    Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers

    User Experience and Information Architect. I was responsible for creating the project wireframes and defining the user experience for the various target groups.


  • JCM Engineering (Contract) - 2011
    JCM Engineering (Contract) - 2011

  • Alliance Aerospace Engineering (Contract) - 2012
    Alliance Aerospace Engineering (Contract) - 2012

    Lead programmer, information architiect, user experience and database developer.

  • University of Denver - Early Childhood Colorado - 2009

    The University of Denver’s Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy—building on the Smart Start Colorado Web site and research by the Piton Foundation—established the Early Childhood Colorado Information Clearinghouse.

    The clearinghouse will collect information from a patchwork of public and private agencies from across the state of Colorado. It was also developed with input from early childhood advocates and stakeholders.

    Roles: Application architect, information architect, project management, database developer, and ColdFusion programmer.

  • Oday Shakar (Contract) - 2011
    Oday Shakar  (Contract) - 2011

    Information architect and web team leader. 

  • University of Denver - Learning Object Repository

    ALORA is a centralized learning object repository to manage digital media and metadata for the University of Denver.  ALORA is the primary media supplier for DUVAGA.  ALORA provides support for basic or complex XML based cataloging schemas.  ALORA in 2009 contained over 60,000 images, 5000 videos and 1500 audio recording.

    Roles: Application architect, information architect, project management, database developer, and ColdFusion programmer.

  • University of Denver - Volunteer Database

    Role: project manager, information architect, database designer, and lead programmer. 

  • University of Denver - ECTD

    The DU Electronic Capstones, Theses, & Dissertations is a pilot project that aims to digitally archive graduate capstones, theses & dissertations at the University of Denver.  Papers submitted to the system will be made publicly available for searching according to the copyright permission and publish dates as set by the original author.

    Roles: Application architect, information architect, project management, database developer, and ColdFusion programmer.

  • ESU Library and Information Management (Contract)

    Roles: Project management, information architect, and WordPress Developer

  • University of Denver - Master's of Development Practice

    This is a wireframe for the new MDP website.

    Roles: web project manager and information architect

  • Tre Chic Jewelry (Contract)

    Lead developer, User-Experience and Database Developer. 

  • Christ Lutheran Church (Volunteer)

    Roles: project manager, information architect, programmer, and database designer.

  • Colorado Digization Project (Contract)

    Developed and designed a secured web content management system (CMS) that allows public libraries, museums, and other archival organizations to submit meta data according to Dublin Core requirements. The CMS is used by over 100 agencies in over four States. The CMS collects raw data and then exports out a large XML file to another server for public access. The CMS application is secured and can only be seen upon request. ColdFusion MX MySQL 4.0 XML

  • Recent Web Projects

  • DU Social Work Internship Database (2017)
    DU Social Work Internship Database (2017)

    This database contains information regarding internships that are available to students enrolled in the MSW degree program at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW). This database provides names and contact information for agencies that offer internship opportunities, names and contact information for Field Instructors associated with those agencies, as well as specific information related to the number and types of internship placements available.

    Roles: Application architect, information architect, project management, database developer, and ColdFusion programmer.

  • DOTS Staging and Redesign (2017)
    DOTS Staging and Redesign (2017)

    Role: Information architect and WordPress Manager.

  • DU VideoCast
    DU VideoCast

    DU VideoCast was released on Oct 20th 2013 as the Unversity of Denver's first video portal website for public videos. Visitors can browse, search and share videos.  

    Role: Information architect, user experience and website promotion. 


  • DU VideoManager
    DU VideoManager

    Role: Information Architect and Project Manager

  • Morgridge College of Education
    Morgridge College of Education

    Role: User-Experience, Information Architect, Project and WordPress Manager

  • DU Office of Teaching and Learning
    DU Office of Teaching and Learning

    Role: Information architect and WordPress Manager

  • Friends of Chamber Music (Contract) - 2013
    Friends of Chamber Music (Contract) - 2013

    Role: Project manager, information architect and WordPress administrator

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