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  • 2014

  • Presenter: Instructional Video Design Tips to Increase Teaching

    Teaching and Learning wtih Technology Symposium

    Video continues to be a popular teaching method but what makes an instructional video effective? We will cover the research on designing effective instructional videos so that you know what to do next time. The session will present several important design strategies when producing instructional video. We will also examine a few video software editing tricks. 

  • 2013

  • Presenter: Designing a Campus System for Videos

    WCET (WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies) Denver CO, Nov 14-15

    Workshop title: Designing a Campus System for Videos

    Moderator: Andrew Black , University of Utah (UT)
    Presenter: Alex Martinez , University of Denver (CO)

    The University of Denver VideoManager is a one-stop shop for public and private university video management. This centralized video system provides services for public and confidential videos. The system is tightly integrated with our existing IT infrastructure for storage, security, and video delivery technologies. The results and benefits have been very positive so far. During our winter quarter 2012 pilot test, over 700 private videos were uploaded by students. Our public video collection is at 800+ and growing each day. Our public videos are indexed with a detailed metadata taxonomy to improve search and organization. As video becomes more popular as a marketing, research and educational tool, it becomes imperative to have a strategic plan and IT infrastructure and support in place to deal with video storage, privacy, and delivery.

    User Needs with Campus Videos - Google Doc Handout

  • Guest Speaker: Informational Empathy

    Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Special Libraries Association on Monday, October 7, 2013 for our annual Membership Meeting.
    Blog Posting
    Handout: Website Heuristic Evaluation Checklist

  • Guest Presenter: IA and Video Management

    Topic: A discussion on how Information Architecture played a key role in the design and development with DU VideoManager, a university video management platform.

    Audience: Graduate students in the Information and Library Science Program at the University of Denver. 

    Prezi Presenation:

    Recorded Video:

  • 2010

  • Panel Speaker: DU CourseMedia

    2010 WebWise Conference on Libraries and Museums in the Digital World, Denver CO. 

    Topic: Connecting Digital Content Creators and Educators to Develop Engaging Learning Spaces. I discussed how DU CourseMedia is used by university instructors and students use this system for teaching and learning. 

  • 2009

  • Presentation_SingleSourceManagement.pdf

  • Institutional Repositories
  • 2008

  • COLTT_2008WordFormalSubmission_UniversityOfDenver

    TITLE: Centralized Digital Media: The Advantages of a Learning Object Repository

  • 2007

  • National Visual Resource Association - Kansas City, MO

    Topic: Learning Object Repository and Interoperability 

  • 2006

  • Colorado TeleCOOP Conference:

    Topic: Summary of Teaching Instructors how to Teach Online Workshops.

  • Digital Repositories in High Ed.ppt

    University of Colorado - Denver: TELECOOP Faculty Fall Training.

  • 2005

  • National Visual Resource Association - Miami, FL

    Topic: Teaching and Learning with Images

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