• Selected MA Thesis Supervisions

  • "Competition in Economic Theory and the Skew in US Corporte Wealth Creation" by M. Pentacoff (2020)

  • "Contrasting Chicago School and Kaleckian Theories: Industrial Organization, Income Distribution, and Historical Policy Significance in the United States" by H. Dobbs (2019)

  • "Automation and Adaptation: Information Technology, Work Practices, and Labor Demand at Three Firms" by S. Rockwell (2019)

  • "Employment Discrimination of Chinese Unmarried Women" by J. Huang (2017)

  • "Beyond The Legalization Of Marijuana: Economics Of Marijuana As A Drug And Herbal Supplement" by R. Freer (2017)

  • "The Education Lorenz Curve: Exploring Education and Social Mobility in a Lorenz Curve Framework" by N. Alexander (2014)

  • "A Review of the Buffer Stock Theory of Saving" by J. Hossain (2014; co-chaired)

  • "The Rise of the Dark Side: Dark pool trading and the two-tiered implication" by K. Mills, J.D. (2014)

  • "The Reliability of Chinese Economic Statistics" by L. Yu (2014)

  • "Is there a housing bubble in China?" by Y. Wu (2012)

  • "Inequality and the 'Coastal' Cities" by P. Compton (2012)

  • "Cascading Failures and Fundamental Uncertainty: Divergence in Financial Risk Assessment" by A. Spray (2012)

    Presented at the Western Social Science Association's annual meetings in Denver, 2013.

  • "Structured Finance" by B. Fahey (2011; co-chaired)

    Fahey, Brian (2013), "A critical review of neoclassical modeling techniques in structured finance," Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 35, no. 3: 319-340.

  • "Are MBAs and Master's Degrees Worth It? A Discussion of Wages, Job Security, and Business Cycles" by C. Foley (2011)

  • "Modern Slavery: A Regional Focus" by A. Gould (2010)

  • Selected MA Thesis Committees

  • "The Role of the State in International Trade Theory and Policy: Historical Evidence from South Korea and Brazil" by S. Saif (2019; committee member)

  • "It is Expensive to be Poor: Equity in Financing Education in Turkey (2004-2012)" by E. Murvanidze (2017, committee member)

  • "Health Equity in Financing Healthcare: The Turkish Case (2003 - 2013)" by Mete Özçörekçi (2016; committee member)

  • "The Effects of Foreign Aid for Health on Health Outcomes in Developing Countries" by L. Burfeind (2014; committee member)

  • "The Climate Emergency & the Global Need for Climate Stabilization: The Role of Energy Efficiency in Climate Policy" by A. Laughlin (2014; committee member)

  • "When Government Waste is Publicly Preferred" by C. Stiffler (2013; committee member)

  • "The Role of Private International Financial Capital Flows in Support of Development for Emerging Market Countries" by J. Reuter (2013; committee member)

  • "Specialty Service Lines in the US Hospital System: Old Wines, New Bottles" by M. Sajovetz (2011; committee member)

  • Undergraduate Courses

  • ECON 1020 - Micro- and Macroeconomics I: History and Theory

    (required for BA and all Business majors)

    A basic principles course with an atypical emphasis on the history of ideas and some economic history.

  • ECON 2020 - Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

     (required for BA)

  • ASEM 2408 - Income & Wealth Inequality in the 21st Century

    The objective of this course is for students to leave with an in-depth understanding of the insights brought to light by Piketty’s best-selling Capital in the 21st Century, the controversies around his book, and its relevance for the economic and political present. (More about the Advanced Seminar requirement at DU.)

  • Graduate Courses

  • ECON 3670 - Econometrics

    (required for MA)

  • ECON 4030 - Advanced Microeconomic Theory

    (required for MA)

  • Past Courses

  • ECON 3850 - Mathematics for Economists

    (highly recommended elective for MA)

  • ECON 2000 - Neoclassical Economics

    An ambitious 10-week micro/macro survey course at the intermediate undergrad level that was required for one of the two degree tracks offered before 2012.

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