• Introduction


    "As many in my generation, I embraced the dreams of radical social change envisioned by Latin American revolutionaries, but I was still young when they failed in my country, Guatemala. As a Mestizo who grew up in a working class neighborhood in Guatemala City, I did not experience the massacres in rural villages or the genocide directed toward Mayan people. Nevertheless, the history of violence and social exclusion that has characterized my country is a part of who I am. I am committed to the collective imagining of a society with no exclusion and to working toward its realization. I believe that the combination of applied work in anthropology and public health can help me fulfill that commitment."


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  • In Nahualá, Sololá, Guatemala
    In Nahualá, Sololá, Guatemala
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  • La Pasión river, Guatemala
    La Pasión river, Guatemala
  • Research interests

  • Medical anthropology, applied anthropology.

    Anthropology of human rights, anthropology of development.

    Health inequalities, social participation.

    Anthropology of pharmaceuticals, socio-cultural epidemiology.

    Health as human right, socio-cultural epidemiology; social stratification.

    Guatemala, Central America, Latin American immigrants in the US.

    K'iche' language and culture.

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