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  • Research

  • Participant observation. Monterrico, Santa Rosa, Guatemala
    Participant observation. Monterrico, Santa Rosa, Guatemala
  • Research interview. Pasac, Sololá, Guatemala
    Research interview. Pasac, Sololá, Guatemala
  • Research team analysis meeting. CEGSS, Guatemala City
    Research team analysis meeting. CEGSS, Guatemala City
  • .

  • 2015- Present: Principal Investigator “Chronic Kidney Disease in Guatemalan Children: Cross Sectional Study of Risk Factors, Treatment Adherence, and Health Seeking Behavior” University of Denver, Professional Research Opportunities for Faculty (PROF) fund.

    2014- Present: Co-Principal Investigator “Evaluation of procurement and supply of medicines in Guatemala’s public health system: Case studies” Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, University of Denver, Public Good Fund Research Grant.

    2013- 2015: Researcher “Participatory design of an animal-health-surveillance program in two rural communities of Guatemala, with a focus on the Avian Influenza animal-human interface” Centro de Estudios en Salud-Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and Washington State University’s School of Global Animal Health

    2012- 2015: Researcher "Experiences of empowerment and social participation among community leaders in the highlands of Guatemala." (Centro de Estudios para la Equidad y Gobernanza en los Sistemas de Salud - CEGSS).


    2012- 2015: Researcher "Animal-Human interface of influenza transmission in rural backyards within tropical wetlands. Cultural practices in relation to backyard animals." Centro de Estudios en Salud -Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.


    2012- 2015: Researcher "An International Comparative Case Study of the Health Equity Impacts of Medical Tourism in Developing Countries". PI Valorie Crooks (Simon Fraser University), Guatemalan Co-Investigator Walter Flores (Centro de Estudios para la Equidad y Gobernanza en los Sistemas de Salud - CEGSS).


    2010-2013: Principal Investigator Dissertation Research: "Epidemiology and the everyday life of the right to health in post-war Guatemala". 


    2011-2012: Consultant Project "Campaña Guatemala sin Hambre". I directed ethnographic research to document the experiences of the families of three girls and two boys living with chronic under-nutrition. The report I co-wrote (with Silvia Sánchez and Diego Díaz) was used to support a judicial demand against the Guatemalan state for violating the right to health of those children.


    2009-2010: Principal Investigator Pre-Dissertation Research: "The social life of the right to health in post-war Guatemala"


    2007 - 2010: Project Co-Director Project "Balancing Health and Wealth: The Human Rights Challenge to the Contemporary Intellectual Property Regime" - Center for Law, Society and Justice - DeJuSticia (Bogotá, Colombia).


    2006-2007: Consultant Project "Social construction of health futures in Guatemala"- United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Guatemala" Wrote a paper examining Guatemalan people's plural health strategies and practices, co-authored with Patricia Cortez.


    2003-2006: Principal Investigator Thesis for Master degree: "Social difference and home health care in a K'iche' community".


    2000: Principal Investigator Thesis for Licentiate degree: "Iron nutritional status in Guatemala: realities and perspectives"  


    2002-2003: Pastoral de Salud de las Verapaces / Instancia Nacional de Salud (Sacatepéquez, Guatemala) - Responsible for the Right to Health Monitoring Project. Co-authored report with Lesly Ramírez. 


    2000: Research Assistant Study "Evaluation of the performance of the PAHO technical assistance in Cobán" - Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Decentralized Technical Assistance (Alta Verapaz, Guatemala). Co-authored report with Geraldine Grajeda


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