• Teaching Online Portfolio

  • This portfolio was created to provide a space for documents, resources, and data related to Teaching Online at DU. 

  • Preparing to Teach Online

  • If you have never taken an online course, it may be difficult for you to develop and teach online without additional training and support. The Office of Teaching & Learning provides instructional design support and workshops for DU instructors planning to teach online.

    Please note that you will be expected to complete the Teaching Online Short Course(TOSC) before teaching your first online course. TOSC is designed so that you experience online learning first-hand from the student perspective, and you will begin to design your online course as part of the workshop activities. Over 290 DU faculty members have completed the Teaching Online Short Course or the Teaching Online Worskhop since 2007.

  • Is Teaching Online for me?

    Teaching Online is not for everyone. If you are unsure if online teaching is for you, we recommend taking the Faculty Self-Assessment developed by researchers at Penn State. After completing the assessment, you will be emailed detailed results based on the following categories relative to teaching online:

    • Organization and Time Management
    • Communicating Online
    • Teaching and Online Experience
    • Technical Skills


    Visit "What you need to know about Teaching Online" for more information about online teaching at DU.

  • Top 10 Rules for Developing Your First Online Course

  • About Online Learning at DU

  • Definitions

    Online/Distance: A course in which all or nearly all of the organized instruction is conducted online or by distance learning methodologies.
    Combined/Hybrid: A course in which online (or other distance) instruction is combined with face to face instruction, where a substantial portion of the face to face instruction is replaced by online instruction.

  • Guidelines for Online Courses

    There is a minimum duration of four weeks for online courses and we recommend that online courses limit enrollment to no more than 20 students.  It is important that online and hybrid courses are correctly identified as online or hybrid within the DU scheduling system.  The schedule type is “Online/Distance” for online courses and “Combined/Hybrid Methodologies” for hybrid/blended courses.

  • Distance Learning Council

  • DU's Distance Learning Council (DLC) was established to provide a review and approval mechanism for both existing and proposed online/distance programs. Note that the DLC does not oversee individual online courses.

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