• Publications

  • W. S. Aljuaid, S. R. Allen, A. Davidson, X. Fan, "Free-Layer-Thickness-dependence of the Spin Galvanic Effect with Spin Rotation Symmetry," Applied Physics Letters, 113, 122401 (2018)

    A. M. Humphries, T. Wang, E. R. J. Edwards, S. R. Allen, J. M. Shaw, H. T. Nembach, J. Q. Xiao, T. J. Silva, X. Fan, "Observation of Spin-Orbit Effects with Spin Rotation Symmetry," Nature Communications, 8, 911 (2017)

    C. Bi, H. Almasi, K. Price, T. Newhouse-Illige, M. Xu, S. R. Allen, X. Fan, W. Wang, "Anomalous spin-orbit torque switching in synthetic antiferromagnets," Physical Review B, 95, 104434 (2016)

  • Research Posters

  • Research poster summarizing the content of my summer 2016 project funded by the Partners in Scholarship program. This project concerns the diffusion length of Platinum, which is an invaluable and often misreported figure in the field of spintronics.

    I'm proud to have earned the "Most Innovative Project" award for my poster presentation on May 10th at the 2017 Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium.

  • Poster - URSS 2017.pdf

  • Research Poster for the 2018 FRAMS conference hosted by CSU Fort Collins.

  • Poster - FRAMS 2018.pdf

  • Research poster for the 2017 Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium, hosted by the University of Denver. This presentation covers some of the more advanced details regarding the Platinum spin diffusion project, including past measurement techniques and additional data from samples with different configurations.

  • Poster - FRAMS 2017.pdf

  • Research poster for the 2016 Front Range Advanced Magnetics Symposium, hosted by the University of Wyoming. I presented an ongoing research project concerning spintronics principles at the optical frequency. 

  • Poster - FRAMS 2016.pdf

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