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  • My work is primarily centered on the political and cultural debates involved in the promotion of fast-pace state-led programs of development in Brazil in the aftermath of World War II.  In a broader perspective, my research speaks to a larger intellectual agenda dealing with the dissemination of industrial projects in late-developing societies, and I am presently focused on investigating the history of developmental ideologies in Latin America vis-a-vis other parts of the emergent world in the second half of the twentieth century.

    My research interests are closely tied to my pedagogical philosophy which seeks to answer some of the big questions involved in the broad patterns of development undergone by late-coming societies.  My teaching experiences span into different fields and settings and I have taught both in Brazil and the United States.  The list of courses I am currently teaching includes colonial and modern Latin American survey history courses, an introduction to Latin American Studies through movies, and a comparative history of Latin American development.

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