• Brainstorming

    Based on the interpretation of our interviews, research and observations we created several ideas to acomplish our 'How Might We...' goal of introducing knowledge about recycling, while driving people to take part in and care about recycling for years to come.

  • Original Ideas

    Item tree:

    - Various items that will likely be thrown away, composted or recycled for a given area (i.e. WOW) are displayed on a tree

    - Helps to illustrate which items go where

    - Personalized to the area to reduce confusion

    - Only requires a quick glance and is a fairly cheap method

    Gamify Recycling:

    - Goal is to make recycling/composting fun (i.e. with lights and sounds)

    - Attempts to engage and encourage people to recycle

    - Locating in a public place with high traffic to encourage its use

    - Designed to plant the desire to recycle and provides the knowledge of what should be recycled

    - Provides incentive to recycle that can then be expanded to other areas

    Recycling Toolkit:

    - Formulaic approach to determining ideal diversion rates (recycling/composting)

    - Demonstrates to businesses the cost/benefits of recycling or not recycling

    - Illustrates the benefits of recycling and encourages its use

    - Goal to help show businesses why they should encourage recycling and the use of recyclable materials

    Screen Interaction:

    - Integrates the use of technology into recycling

    - Short interaction with an iPad like device that ends by notifying the user where their item should be placed

    - Only a few touches to notify user the desired location

    - Pictures of items can be uploaded for easy identification for a given place (ex: front porch cafe food containers)

    - Encourages the use of recycling and compost bins

    - Cheap option

    - Helps to instruct and ensure the right items go in the correct locations

  • Narrowing of Ideas

    However, as we highlighted in the interpretation slide and our 'How Might We Goal' we need to provide information about recycling in a way that will drive people to care about recycling for life. As such, we quickly identified gamifying recycling as our top idea. While implementing a new bin may be effective for a given area, a bin is a tool and without that tool the knowledge of how to use it is useless. Not only have different implementations of bins been tried, as seen in the discovery tab, but they are only effective when being used. It is very difficult to design a bin that instills knowledge in its users to be carried with them to another area where there might be a different bin. Implementing a new bin, even if it does inspire emotion to care will quickly fade in the minds of the intended users, as will an information tree or a toolkit. Based on this conclusion we focused our idea generation around the gamifying of recycling, where knowledge can be instilled in users with a fun association, and as such we developed several ideas based around this concept.

  • Gameify Recycling Ideas
  • Idea Generation
    Idea Generation

    These ideas were generated without consideration of technological, cost or time constraints. The ideas displayed were created in an attempt to 'think outside the box'.

  • App Storyboard
    App Storyboard

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