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    • The 8-week spring term begins the week of April 1, 2019  and ends on Thursday, May 23, 2019 

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    NOTE: CLASS ADDED!  Please note that "Exploring Our World Through Documentaries" has been added to the Spring term curriculum.  This is a continuation of the popular Winter term class of the same name, and will be a four week course meeting in local library branches on Wednesday afternoons from May 1 through May 22.  Since it is not described in the course catalog, please click on the Syllabus tab for details and don't forget to register through our on-line system.

    Class Facilitators: Nancy and Charles Erdrich have been leading a documentary film series in Boulder for the past four years. They have shown and discussed more than 30 films covering a range of subjects including science, art, music, culture, public policy, and many other
    topics. Nancy and Charlie have a keen interest in the documentary film genre and together have previewed and evaluated more than 100 films.

  • OLLI West Online Spring 2019 Catalog

  • Spring Term Classes by Topic

  • Arts and Literature

    Classical Mythology, Part II

    Comedy, An Appreciation

    Exploring Our World Through Documentaries

    Oscar Movies 1 (1940    - 1975)

    Shakespeare and Love: A preview of Plays Presented by the Colorado Shakespeare Festival

    Write to Fictionalize Your Life


    Philosophy, Religion, Psychology

    Wake Up to the Wisdom of Your Dreams



    Selected Topics in the History of Medicine-FULL

    Stories the Denver Botanic Gardens Can Tell Us .......

    Welcome to the Universe-FULL

    Where Do Prescription Drugs Come From?


    History, Economics, World Affairs

    China's Economic Miracle and Role

    Cost of Healthcare - Past, Present and Future...........

    The History of Mexico - From the Olmecs to AMLO

    Inside Lincoln's Heart and Mind: Contemporary Relevance

    The Life, Legacy and Times of Isabella, the Warrior Queen


    Health & Wellness

    Basics of  Bone Health

    Managing the Maverick Mind - Mindfulness I-FULL

    Partner Dancing for Dummies

    Speaker Series

    Special Topic Series - Multiple topics


  • Spring 2019 Catalog

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