• Classes at OLLI Boulder will begin January, 2019 (Winter term)

    Winter term classes will begin on January 14, 2019 and end on March 11, 2019.  Spring term classes will be posted on February 18, 2019 with classes beginning on April 1, 2019 and ending on May 24, 2019.

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    • The 8-week winter term begins the week of January 14th and ends on Friday, March 8th for most classes.  Monday classes will end on March 11th.

      You can browse the winter curriculum by accessing the catalog in the column to the right.  Scroll down the pages of the catalog.  To assist in planning, At A Glance Weekly View (found below the catalog) will give you a quick overview of the schedule layed out in a calendar format.  You may also click to download the catalog to your computer (link located above the catalog)

      Our classes will fill quickly and some are limited in class size. There are two ways to register: 

      1. Online registration which allows you to pay by credit card or check. Instructional materials can be found by scrolling down to the Registration Instructions and FAQ's section.

      To register online just click this button. It's really simple! 


      2. Mail in registration by using the registration form found below - downloading, printing and mailing the completed form with your check. Please scroll down to the Registration Form section for the form and mailing address.

      If you have questions or want additional information, contact olliboulder@gmail.com

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  • To find on-line catalogs use these links to: OLLI Central, OLLI East, OLLI South & OLLI On-Campus

    To learn about classes at our other locations - visit their websites:

    OLLI Central: http://portfolio.du.edu/olli

    OLLI South: http://portfolio.du.edu/ollisouth 

    OLLI-On-Campus: http://portfolio.du.edu/ollioncampus

    OLLI East: http://portfolio.du.edu/ollieast

    OLLI West:  http://portfolio.du.edu/olliwest



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  • Winter 2019 Catalog

  • You have several options for viewing this catalog.  In the upper right hand corner click on the >> This will bring up choices for you to open(download), or view in presentation mode .

    You may also use link below to download a copy to your computer.  The second link is for the OLLI West catalog.


    Once you have selected your course, you may download your class syllabus from the Syllabi tab across the top of the wesbiste. Not all courses have a syllabus.

  • Boulder Winter 2019 Catalog, Click to download

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  • Boulder Winter Catalog 2019 - Look below for classes that have filled
  • Winter Term Classes by Topic - Please note classes that are filled

  • Arts and Literature

    Consequences of the Use and Abuse of Power in Shakespeare

    Classical Mythology, Part I

    Your Life - Your Story: Write It

    Beethoven 101

    The Organ, King of Instruments- CANCELED


    Philosophy, Religion, Psychology

    Kabbalah: A Short Introduction to Jewish Mysticism

    Homo Deus: A Discussion of Harari’s Brief History of Tomorrow



    Seven Greatest: The Greatest Scientific Discoveries in History-FILLED

    Science, Technology and Medicine in the News


    History, Economics, World Affairs

    The Three Roosevelts: Governance in 20th Century America

    Exploring Our World through Documentaries- FILLED

    Current Economic Issues: Facts and Fallacies- FILLED

    Great Decisions 2019

    Drama in the Courtroom - FILLED


    Health & Wellness

    Meditation and Sensory Awareness

    The Joy of Improv

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  • Weekly at a Glance Calendar (Click on calendar for full screen view)
    Weekly at a Glance Calendar (Click on calendar for full screen view)

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