• Testimonials from Summer Shorts Webinar Attendees

    August 9 - The Later Years of the Vietnam War from two Veteran Navy Pilots's Experiences

    My husband Ben and I watched this webinar.  He was glued to the screen, noting there was so much information given by both men, and it was so well presented.  Ben, who is not a pilot and was not in the war, said the webinar put him "in the pilot seat...They showed how flying an attack plane off an aircraft carrier was not Hollywood."  He then quoted Jim Higgins, "...You never, ever, ever take your eyes off the instruments."  We both noted that John Lungerhausen was an excellent moderator, and that the presenters did not avoid any questions.  Thank you all for this excellent webinar!

      Colorado Wildfire Resilience: Urgency & Paths to Action
    June 28, 2022
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