Graduate Course Offerings

  • The standard and recommended course load for full-time graduate students is 8 credit hours (2 courses) per quarter. Most MFJS courses are offered once a year or once every other year, based on the expectation that students will be enrolled in the program for two academic years. Students who wish to complete the program on a part-time basis or on an accelerated basis should consult with their academic advisor and the Graduate Director to make a customized coursework plan. Every student is personally responsible for ensuring that s/he has met all course requirements for the degree before graduation.

    Note: Graduate students are ONLY allowed to apply graduate level courses to their degree. All classes with a course number of 4000 or higher are graduate level courses. Some departments do offer 3000-level courses that are at the graduate level, but please talk to your graduate director for confirmation before registering for any of these classes. If you plan on taking a cross-listed course, please confirm that you are registered for the graduate level course number. Exceptions may not be made for students who take an undergraduate course by accident. Please double check your courses. 

    Also note: In addition to consulting with their advisor, students should check the Registrar’s website ( before each quarter for the correct, up-to-date course offerings.

    The Registrar’s website has the latest course offerings, searchable by academic quarter. To find MFJS courses:
    1. Go to: Registrar’s website (
    2. Click on “Courses and Schedules” on the left hand side
    3. Select “Schedule of Classes”
    4. On the next page, select the correct term
    5. On the next page select the following:

    Subject: Media, Film & Journalism Studies

    Level: Graduate

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