Inter-term Courses

  • Within the 48 course hours required by the MEPC program, students will have the opportunity to take elective courses. A student has several options beyond the traditional quarter course offerings, including taking an interterm course.

    Interterm Courses. A student may register for only one interterm course (4 credits maximum) to count for credit towards the 48 credit hours required by the MEPC program. Interterm courses are generally offered between quarters and during the summer. These courses vary and students should check the new listings to see what is available. Interterm courses are usually cross-listed as both undergraduate and graduate courses. Graduate students who register for interterm classes are expected to fulfill special or extra requirements to receive credit towards a master’s degree program in the department.

    3000-level course do not count toward this degree.

    University College Courses.  No University College courses will be allowed to count towards the 48 credit hours needed to complete the master’s in Media and Public Communication.

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