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    Below you will find some sample poster presentations created by students in DU Korbel School’s Global Issues Research Practicum course. Students worked independently throughout the quarter to answer a policy- or theory-driven research question about international politics or the global economy. They designed their research projects, conducted literature reviews, and then completed independent analyses.


    Everyone worked really hard and the results are very impressive.

    Dive in, learn something, and enjoy!

  • Development and the Allure of ISIS, by Charlie Rahr (*Quantitative Analysis*)

  • Using the Yemeni Press and the UN Special Envoy to Analyze U.N. Intervention, by Hayden Schmidt (*Text Analysis*)

  • The Effect of Media Messages on Election Outcomes, by Alessandra (Sasha) Brunton (*Quantitative Analysis*)

  • The Role of International Organizations in the Implementation of Democratic Elections in Failed States, by Colin Kiser

  • German Policy Change Resulting from Nuclear Disasters, by Eliza Ross

  • China, Brazil, and Mexico: Bilateral Trade Dynamics and their Implications in Latin America, by Danielle Barba

  • African Colonizer Legacies, by Antonia Petschen (*Quantitative Analysis*)

  • Why do Countries have Different Percentages of Women in Parliament? By Anifa Musengmana

  • Secular vs. Christian Anti-Trafficking Organizations, by Laurele Tarleton (*Text Analysis*)

  • Rentier-State Economies and their Political Outcomes, by Martine Fulling

  • The Tourism Puzzle of East Africa, by Jackson Garske

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