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    • Jennifer has over a decade of non-profit management expertise within community based organizations serving older adults. She teaches master's level social work students, and conducts research studies about inclusive academic classrooms and effective strategies for non profit organizations serving diverse elders. She values serving the community through her position as a Board Member of ACOSA (the Association of Community Organization and Social Administration). She also serves as a Steering Committee Member of iCubed, a faith based initiative to "illuminate the invisible injustices" of mental health, trauma and substance abuse, through education and advocacy. Jennifer has a master’s degree in social work (with a specialty in gerontology and community organizing) and a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies. She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Colorado.

      The ultimate goal of Jennifer's doctorate in nonprofit organizational studies is to utilize her teaching, research and administrative experiences to help students and non profit employees better serve their clients and advocate for the needs and voices of marginalized populations.

      “We hold in our hands the power…to shape not only our own but the nation’s future.”     Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Social Worker

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      SAVE THE DATE!!!!

      On both Oct 31 and Nov 5, 2014, I will present preliminary results of my dissertation in a workshop entitled "The U.S. Aging Population is Growing & Becoming More Diverse:  Is Your Organization Prepared?".  Both events require pre-registration so please click on the link above to download a flyer with additional details.  The objectives of the workshop are: 

      1)To understand the changing demographic trends within the United States, including the expansion and diversification of the older adult population, 

      2) To learn strategies that organizations can utilize to best meet the needs of marginalized older adults (i.e. transgender older adults, elderly crime victims, Holocaust survivors, older adults of color, elders with physical or cognitive difficulties, etc.), and

      3) To brainstorm ways that organizations can incorporate strategies to be more inclusive and welcoming to diverse populations.

      I hope to see some of you there! 

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